Neil Young
Ranch Rehersals


this is my new year present to you. I received this in a trade some years ago.

Tracks 1-8 recorded at Broken Arrow Ranch (June through July 1990)
Tracks 9-14 recorded at Santa Monica Civic (CA) on April 1st, 1990

1 Mansion On The Hill
2 White Line #1
3 White Line #2
4 White Line #3
5 Love To Burn #1
6 Love To Burn #2
7 The Days That Used To Be
8 Love and Only Love
9 Everything Is Broken (fades out)
10 Crime In The City
11 Pocahontas
12 After The Goldrush
13 The Needle and The Damage Done
14 No More

I cannot tell anything about the lineage (only Silver-CD->copy->eac->shn->you)
The live tracks are good sounding audience recordings