Redbird Arena
Normal, IL




Recording: unknown (microcassette?) recorder - internal mics? >
Transfer: probable 1st gen cassette > cdr > cdr > EAC (secure) > flac
Phase Adjust/Pitch Correct/EQ/Level Adjustments/Edit/Track: Cool Edit Pro 2.1
Sector Align/Flac: TLH (level 8)


00. intro
01. Hey Hey My My
02. Crime In The City
03. Blowin' In The Wind
04. Love And Only Love
05. Cinnamon Girl
06. Days That Used To Be
07. F*!#in' Up
08. Cortez The Killer {cuts out}
XX. Powderfinger {MISSING}
XX. Love To Burn {MISSING}
XX. Rockin' In The Free World {MISSING}
09. band intros
10. Welfare Mothers
11. Like A Hurricane

TT : approx. 76:30

Neil Young
Frank 'Pancho' Sampedro
Billy Talbot
Ralph Molina

There was extremely limited frequency range on the recording (suggesting
a microcassette)... almost no bass at all and the highs were mostly noise
or phasing. The speed was a bit off (41 cents flat) and there were some
overlapping (and sadly) missing sections, as well as a few glitches. This
is cleaned up to the extent it could be, but is more in the "collector"/
"completist"/"I was there" range rather than that of the casual listener.

The tape was reportedly sourced from the taper (from Springfield, IL). It
came to me postmarked from Normal, IL itself.

This is the only show on the tour in which "Love and Only Love" and "Love To
Burn" were reversed in the set. There is continuity in the recording to that
point. Neil jokes "We're almost getting normal here I tell you" prior to
launching into Cinnamon Girl. Neil intros Welfare Mothers (a bit out of
character) saying "Here's one we haven't played for a long time... It'll
probably sound like shit... but we'll have a great time." It was the first
time this song was played on this tour. There are definitely a number of
moments unique to this performance.

During "Love and Only Love" it seems the taper moved (perhaps even walked
out of the "bowl" momentarily). I attempted to restore what was there.
It may be uninterrupted but the levels dropped to nothing on the source.

The tape abruptly cuts near the end of Cortez and the next thing heard is
the intro banter before the encores.

Thanks to the Razorboy for chiming in on one of these '91 threads and
sending the discs. As he says we should thank John Dakar for sourcing the
tapes 10 years after the show, and Jeff Wilson for transferring them to CD.

Thanks to Goody for the speed assessment of this and thanks to all here for
sharing the groove. Hopefully we can fill out the rest of this tour.