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Beacon theatre,New York City,NY
February 13, 1992

01 Long May You Run
02 From Hank to Hendrix
03 Silver and Gold
04 You and me
05 War of Man
06 Old King
07 Such a Woman
08 Harvest Moon
09 Heart of Gold
10 Natural Beauty
11 Depression blues (Aborted)
12 Sugar Mountain
13 After the Goldrush
14 One of these Days

Master : Gary Stoller

Equipment : Don't know, sorry.

Analog Master>1st generation Analog tape (MAXEL XL II-S)>TECHNICS STEREO CASSETTE DECK SS-BX601 3 HEADS>RCA Cables>M AUDIO Audiophile Firewire>FIREWIRE>PC>GOLDWAVE 24/96>Edit cuts and Fade in-out - RAW version (no equalization) - Resample at 16/44.1, Tracks split>
encoded with FLAC Frontend (Level 8) + Fingerprint >TLH Md5 signature

01 Long May You Run.flac:34e22192d92fb7f21e8cdd8a641e67b0
02 From Hank to Hendrix.flac:fc46b4f658a28974a66856c7b7efd0a1
03 Silver and gold.flac:157e1b15e0e36ee9ce83932d9e18266a
04 You and me.flac:85c143451260f70e1137675b75fa2dc7
05 War of Man.flac:32e25b6f2cad452de3dc96319a6f41e7
06 Old King.flac:a1e7b50fdd04c132169d5c57f1ef2e9f
07 Such a Woman.flac:e27e6a0d898f13a664b7a73ebc80ff5c
08 Harvest Moon.flac:318c6e60a8efb954121ed6fe18de0c78
09 Heart of Gold.flac:a1caafedfd7487666d117eed658440e3
10 Natural Beauty.flac:0916deb618e89330921471522a87f0b2
11 Depression blues (Aborted).flac:b0811fbe32cb81636db9c75d79136539
12 Sugar Mountain.flac:a826ff6c8d59b8c5fda11f08e20e9e83
13 After the Goldrush.flac:2c1a08154a26b5d97cfdab17221146b2
14 One of these days.flac:857819e0c4bad10610022ab9738d1792