According with ZUMA11, here to you a fresh transfer of this show from FZ DAT recording.
(Read the notes)
To burn on CD's you need early to resample at 44.1 Khz.

"Some people maded some questions about why I upload shows at 48 Khz, so would like take the opportunity
of explain the reason considered for the DAT transfer :
Give and share the 16/48 resolution (without change nothing of the recording) sign to give the full and original quality
of what was the recording contained in the digital audio tape.
Specially if all the transfer is maded with proper equipment and all digital (see the lineage equipment for transfer).
The fact that I don't change nothing (for example with equalization) give the opportunity later of manipulate the
recording from right hands (in my mind Tbugsett & Reelclasio for example) with a right start of the original recording.
If you try to manipulate a recording for upgrade the sound quality and start from a rough manipulated editing
and too much personal equalization (that depend usually from personal equipment and personal ears with sensibility
that differs from person to person ), you can have at the end a show with a sound drastically changed, without the chance to upgrade it
in a proper way.
So consider positive my intention of give the original quality.
With the DAT transfer will be really good give the RAW version at 16/48, and if like made works on it, give together the personal editing version
resampled for CD burn.
See the Tbugsett torrent of the Beacon theatre show (Feb. 18, 1992) from the B.R. Master.....this is the right way (uploaded the 16/48 Digital transfer RAW
and the Edited 16/44.1 version)"........all this consideration for the DAT transfer.......for the analog tapes it's another story".




Beacon theatre, New York city, NY
February 14, 1992

00 Intro
01 Long May You run
02 Unknown Legend
03 From Hank to Hendrix (False start)
04 From Hank to Hendrix
05 Silver and Gold
06 You and me
07 War of Man (2 False start)
08 War of Man
09 Old King
10 Such a Woman (false start)
11 Such a Woman
12 Train of Love
13 Harvest Moon
14 Heart of Gold
15 Dreamin Man
16 Natural Beauty
17 Don't let it Bring You Down
18 Sugar Mountain
19 After the Goldrush

Total Time = 01:30:33

Master : FZ
(transfered in December 13, 2009 and uploaded by A.-V.)

Lineage equipment : not sure about the microphones used (probably the same used for the other Beacon theatre shows taped)

Lineage equipment for transfer :
Edit Fades (in-out) - no Equalization - RAW version (exactly as was the original recording) - Track splits>Encoded with FLAC Frontend (Level 8)
+ Fingerprint + TLH Md5 signature

Note : I reiceved this DAT from F.Z. few days after the recording (so about more than 17 years ago),
and what I remember is that was his first show recorded with DAT equipment.
Probably the try regulation of the volume level (high) with the manipolation of a rough sensibility (low), and the inesperience
produced some hiss on the recording.
After those Beacon theatre shows, All of us know well how many great recordings FZ produced during the years.
So please take this recording as it was : a first recording from a great taper.

00 intro.flac:85126d753a6ebb90c1d74cb7e88dd889
01 Long may you run.flac:f18aff82677a0f11fd4b27890077bd64
02 Unknown legend.flac:82d05dc926c2e18deff8842a72cbc7b2
03 From Hank to Hendrix (false start).flac:6154f572f3e51164c08e129e0becb999
04 From Hank to Hendrix.flac:fc7cdf6e79bb189e48986f7518d2b209
05 Silver and gold.flac:7d0993f1277765f4e962e5b8c22d7910
06 You and me.flac:829382989d5ee115543fd74f649e1de0
07 War of Man (2 False start).flac:06b2e366c6806f9fa1069277ba8b76c1
08 War of Man.flac:bfbd9dd1ff8922269916b682797c7105
09 Old King.flac:cce6915bffd7b4d11fbe418bdee53a6a
10 Such a Woman (false start).flac:268ec2f490b8141bd93ac6ff6252d272
11 Such a Woman.flac:6d4a8592aa0eb30224b70f57dbdb6504
12 Train of Love.flac:d06c6d725023091f6b769419bc1b592f
13 Harvest Moon.flac:04bd4a84d7499b74163cd7059a36dd88
14 Heart of Gold.flac:91f651e82ce6390df369610bf7092fc9
15 Dreamin Man.flac:ebb6439cb8f4c9d318461a04ce8653aa
16 Natural Beauty.flac:6d8534200eedaae98abf9dc5b4a7f580
17 Don't let it Bring You Down.flac:40dbd9e6c2414b1c8da237473c35128f
18 Sugar Mountain.flac:2b809a41e1cb13611085cd24f5c9fc3f
19 After the Goldrush.flac:21f0514331622f3ad514b2548450030c