Neil Young
Tonight Show Studios
Burbank, CA
January 15, 1993

Recording: soundboard feed > unknown DAT recorder

JEMS 2018 transfer: DAT clone > Fostex D-5 > iZotope RX capture to 16/48 > iZotope RX6 and Ozone 6 mastering > iZotope MBIT+ resample and dither to 16/44.1 > Audacity > TLH > FLAC


01 Tuning
02 From Hank to Hendrix
03 Tuning
04 Unknown Legend
05 Tuning
06 Harvest Moon

Tonight Show Live Performance and Chatter

07 Harvest Moon (incl. Jay Leno's introduction)
08 Chatter
09 Unknown Legend

Here�s a short but very sweet gem out of the JEMS Archive. Way back in 1993, JEMS was fortunate to have a few DAT tapes drop into our lap which were recorded during appearances by musicians on The Tonight Show. These were soundboard audio captures made in real time during both rehearsals and the taping of the show. Before anyone asks, these were not recorded on video, but straight to DAT from a board feed in seemingly perfect quality.

What they capture is Neil rehearsing for his first-ever appearance on the Tonight Show and the eventual performance and crosstalk with host Jay Leno.

The rehearsal includes three songs, the two he would play later on the show, �Unknown Legend� and �Harvest Moon,� plus a third he wouldn�t, �From Hank To Hendrix.�

The rehearsals capture the performances and some of the chatter going on between Neil and the crew. From there we jump to Neil�s appearance on the Tonight Show as aired, including both songs and his interaction with Leno, notably playing with a model train set.

If you�re a fan of Neil�s Harvest Moon, you�re sure to enjoy this high-quality document of three of its best tracks. Thanks to frogster for his on-going assistance in releasing JEMS recordings.


JEMS has a history of recordings of Neil Young, such as a previously uncirculated Tandberg recording that now could be considered a classic among Young fans and a recently unearthed soundboard recording of Neil at the peak of his career (

This time, however, JEMS moves away from the recordings of his early years and brings us something more contemporary, with a Neil Young making his first-ever appearance on the Jay Leno show.

This full recording, we believe, is previously uncirculated; the rehearsal portion does appear to be out there, but with analog generations in the lineage, and the pre-broadcast recording of what aired doesn�t appear to be around. Therefore, we are ready to give this its final upgrade.

The quality of the recordings is outstanding. Samples provided.

As BK mentioned above, these are not recordings made of a video tape transferred to audio, but a direct recording of the soundboard to the master in real time, of which this DAT source is a clone, so this is the lowest generation you will find of this presentation in the highest possible quality.

So do not hesitate. The JEMS is happy to be able to add these upgrades to the trading pool.

Huge thanks to the person who recorded this on the first place. My most sincere appreciation to BK for transferring and providing me with such important recordings to work with.

The JEMS Archives are vast and we're still scratching the surface. There a lot of other recordings waiting for proper transfer/upload and we'll always work for liberate them for your enjoyment.

Please do not hesitate any time to contact the JEMS team if you have any old tapes that you recorded or collected and you're waiting for them to be transferred. REMEMBER: What you may consider to be a "B show", could be the holy grail of another person.