20 March, 1996
Old Princeton Landing


CDR trade > xAct (flac 8 w/ verify)

set one:
01. Country Home
02. Stupid Girl
03. Bite the Bullet
04. When Your Lonely Heart Breaks
05. Drive Back
06. Wonderin'
set two:
07. The Losing End
08. Barstool Blues
09. Like a Hurricane

set two (cont.):
01. Roll Another Number
02. Dangerbird
set three:
03. Don't Cry No Tears
04. Down By the River
05. Homegrown
06. Prisoners of Rock and Roll
07. Old Country Waltz
08. Powderfinger
09. Baby What You Want Me To Do?

The third night at the OPL. This is from a CD-R trade at least eight years ago, though I don't know the lineage. If someone would like to post a version known to be a digital clone of the master, by all means do so in place of this.

disk one
d01 t01 ny 20-03-1996.flac:1401384664c7b845c2fadcca07df5ce8
d01 t02 ny 20-03-1996.flac:3ec5660d50a64f016bb69f99d61ad147
d01 t03 ny 20-03-1996.flac:04d3a02cb01f72203af86eca62c91a2d
d01 t04 ny 20-03-1996.flac:222fa57314854d14dae199509aab5577
d01 t05 ny 20-03-1996.flac:327f6bbe46e8b3014e2e0949c0dc251b
d01 t06 ny 20-03-1996.flac:b61fa71a78ccb62395e0caf267ed5e5a
d01 t07 ny 20-03-1996.flac:9f904f4dd7e856dc85f82cdc94739d61
d01 t08 ny 20-03-1996.flac:2bbb9a194976572914262be8ab1237b5
d01 t09 ny 20-03-1996.flac:4ddd9e7918f3e38063aa4c2ed82a7a74
disk two
d02 t01 ny 20-03-1996.flac:85443b0c300ca3083ffbf14805c2026d
d02 t02 ny 20-03-1996.flac:57caa96a5fe53aae308f147f4cd187f8
d02 t03 ny 20-03-1996.flac:e1b4710610df94b0083550b20f6022b3
d02 t04 ny 20-03-1996.flac:693a3954a0d2868f086455c8894765de
d02 t05 ny 20-03-1996.flac:6ed762ed50ba85efc6daeef977b2c0c9
d02 t06 ny 20-03-1996.flac:63e003b95d71f414c15ed0ef2cdbd460
d02 t07 ny 20-03-1996.flac:1a903b08bbcbd6650b5f9250c3a5de5c
d02 t08 ny 20-03-1996.flac:0556fe034b9d39c89ad1f85f3920d7b2
d02 t09 ny 20-03-1996.flac:10c139a8c23dc6f846743d6a61a82019