Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse

31 august 1996
Molson Park
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

CD 1
01) Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
02) Pocahontas
03) Big Time
04) Slip Away
05) The Needle And The Damage Done
06) Helpless
07) Heart Of Gold
08) Sugar Mountain
09) Cinnamon Girl
10) Fuckin' Up
11) Cortez The Killer

CD 2
01) Music Arcade
02) Like A Hurricane
encore 1
03) Sedan Delivery
04) Tonight's The Night
05) Roll Another Number
Encore 2
06) Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll (cut)
07) Rockin' In The Free World

1996 Broken Arrow North American Tour with Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse, Line Up 3
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals

Sound is good

from AV vaults


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D1 01 Hey Hey My My.flac:6624a85da981c6f12c4de8218f1fc8e9
D1 02 Pocahontas.flac:aa362c4c9dba88e6bab4a39a78fe30b3
D1 03 Big Time.flac:0365380706e56eaedfbd5def9d71dd69
D1 04 Slip Away.flac:52e1aefa1f7311478e5973dcb5ab55b8
D1 05 The Needle.flac:11e8faf57ec7d74eba39595bcb8769f4
D1 06 Helpless.flac:42ae5732c32a4497f5c390f24fe9045a
D1 07 Heart of Gold.flac:cb3a345885e311026880a8185837e963
D1 08 Sugar Mountain.flac:e455a00ea98206ecfda29e3027bdf1d6
D1 09 Cinnamon Girl.flac:d9cdf665ef1aa07c3ff0b3c9dcd8a0d0
D1 10 Fuckin Up.flac:41908bcbbd5937bc897849016feedc83
D1 11 Cortez the Killer.flac:d3d77368b83ee283020f80858bc44222
D2 01 Music Arcade.flac:2e8facd15d057513f529e9bc53e3de72
D2 02 Like a Hurricane.flac:99641f144503f32c6f6b7bceb99c4152
D2 03 Sedan Delivery.flac:2287fd6aaa4fa8f808b931529824289f
D2 04 Tonight the Night.flac:d15d570defdd653294738ddac30647ac
D2 05 Roll Another Number.flac:102b738411d7aeb5e14a9c9eee7e2dbb
D2 06 Prisoners of Rock'n'Roll.flac:6c489177674f7c43cefc6cb7a5f30ebf
D2 07 Rockin' in the Free World.flac:914c479d12105a912519859e60ea328c

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75c66439c4449aad3a51cfb7aec438d2 *D1 02 Pocahontas.flac
24436a75a22393fb2677053432b80ede *D1 03 Big Time.flac
755a00603e8b32c1349443b407de2a9a *D1 04 Slip Away.flac
4ca053c2ebb5466bed7e8a6b8f503d95 *D1 05 The Needle.flac
3b26576599aad754c37252a09097ceec *D1 06 Helpless.flac
6f2c798b66fe81eeb1ee90a95cb991d0 *D1 07 Heart of Gold.flac
f4e04cb9c5971457d2a932a650746aab *D1 08 Sugar Mountain.flac
1b9283729787187a8839e3a9eff1e1bc *D1 09 Cinnamon Girl.flac
ae019aa28bc3a42ab4ed777dc8ebb182 *D1 10 Fuckin Up.flac
38bb1a79100e26c06219776c0edbbdce *D1 11 Cortez the Killer.flac
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1bb7f15cd9036e2ee8b7ca67f838b0d7 *D2 02 Like a Hurricane.flac
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42bf9a3a65ffb0afb133842eceb1da05 *D2 06 Prisoners of Rock'n'Roll.flac
bd094190a18b872b1e07b1c92a0e2135 *D2 07 Rockin' in the Free World.flac