Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Concord Pavillion
Concord California
September 17, 1996
'Concord The Killer'

Disc 1

Hey Hey, My My
Big time
Slip Away
The Needle And The Dammage Done
Sugar Mountain
Comes A Time
Heart Of Gold
Cinnamon Girl
Fuckin' Up
Cortez The Killer

Disc 2

Music Arcade
Like A Hurricane
Sedan Delivery
Roll Another Number
Rockin' In The Free World

CoreSound BiNaurals -> Sony TCD-D7
Transfer (8/14/2011): Tascam DA40->COAX->M-Audio AUDIOPHILE 2496->Sound Forge 10 Pro->Flac Front End level 8
Taping Location: Sec 101 Row E Seat 9 (Extreme Stage Right 5th row)
Taper: Don O (normal_dude)

So here we have every reason I needed to rip these old DATs all in one recording. This is a fantastic show and capture that had gone completely ignored for nearly 15 years, and for no other reason than I just forgot about it. Listening to it now I now understand why I caught Neil 3 more times in the 90s and never regretteded any of them; the man rocks!
Extended version of Sugar Mountain, over 8 minutes, and Comes A Time is dedicated to Bonnie Riatt. The absolute highlights however are the emotional version of Pocohontas and the 17 minute version of Like a Hurricane.

Definitely a recording that would have been a crime to never hear again!