Artist: Neil Young
Date: 31 october 1996
Venue: Copps Coliseum
City: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Tour : 1996 Broken Arrow Canadian Tour with Crazy Horse
Band : Crazy Horse, Line Up 3
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals

CD 1

01 Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
02 Cowgirl In The Sand
03 Big Time
04 Pocahontas
05 The Needle And The Damage Done
06 Helpless
07 Comes A Time
08 I Am A Child
09 Scattered

CD 2
01 Cinnamon Girl
02 The Loner
03 Natural Beauty
04 Fuckin' Up
05 Music Arcade
06 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
07 Stupid Girl
08 Rockin' In The Free World

CD 3 bis
01 Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll
02 The Losing End
03 Welfare Mothers
04 Dangerbird
05 Powderfinger
06 Slip Away
07 Roll Another Number

Lineage: Unknow
Sound is good

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D1 01 Hey Hey My My.flac:a240a836e37c549eb5fe67dd8f58615e
D1 02 Cowgirl in the Sand.flac:9e3d4d57d872ef276d752001e1a6318a
D1 03 Big Time.flac:1540e05544521121f0c8950373178540
D1 04 Pocahontas.flac:6913299e5d1d2ce881fc7031b6c5b44f
D1 05 The Needle.flac:e076331af98cfd267ffae32502da8431
D1 06 Helpless.flac:926c6cf9f1e18d17b2dec59cbc3ed58c
D1 07 Comes a Time.flac:d2cf8190d055d8c14c221fbc16a72324
D1 08 I am a Child.flac:059b9852bf175b4bd912f3bbffcc4398
D1 09 Scattered.flac:c69b39a859fff6ba9662647b83a7d473
D2 01 Cinnamon Girl.flac:4a1e46467e1b672ce22e7524b8f4feea
D2 02 The Loner.flac:ccbf5c84e7d78892bf7ebcec7453ff76
D2 03 Natural Beauty.flac:e3510040a9434e14601132f9457dd0b5
D2 04 Fuckin Up.flac:d6a9009fb713cfa3c6c570dd19f5cfb2
D2 05 Music Arcade.flac:cbd45574240be900d236f1e4ae0134ad
D2 06 Everybody Know this is Nowhere.flac:63429978120c94a8c7d53566610c09cf
D2 07 Stupid Girl.flac:8340c467af808f340b860ba5ddd75d69
D2 08 Rockin' in the Free World.flac:81b59ec66b7e8caf85390f028e55e287
D3 01 Prisoners of Rock'n'Roll.flac:3cec6bb623466998141153e7d498b0e5
D3 02 The Losing End.flac:c48f5e352b4c41b5ed99f0779f0fb472
D3 03 Welfare Mothers.flac:96692224982411209dcfab28ca1ec2ec
D3 04 Dangerbird.flac:f8b1783e3dc7b66583c44fb179719ccb
D3 05 Powderfinger.flac:b7018815ce5eb297e71272c7a514dc43
D3 06 Slip Away.flac:e6402c3c6d97268e11d2668390fb95fb
D3 07 Roll Another Number.flac:a629657950135c20bee0fa4033745872

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b05055902c28f5c20522d9ba92cd65d3 *D1 02 Cowgirl in the Sand.flac
d58a0c5be528dea3733eda8676c23cf4 *D1 03 Big Time.flac
1ea490950b3a062489a32688ffeafaf3 *D1 04 Pocahontas.flac
5fda08dae4422ece4fd8ef5759872a9f *D1 05 The Needle.flac
97dd69fa7ea76805ff4cf4e97b142c2f *D1 06 Helpless.flac
241431528f41d6bc10ae52af88ff26c1 *D1 07 Comes a Time.flac
6c57d5c249a96b39337ff33d4f43d8d1 *D1 08 I am a Child.flac
f20c65f4fd0e14b3874fd22491d5fcec *D1 09 Scattered.flac
8ad0278205423787ab8d94b973b11973 *D2 01 Cinnamon Girl.flac
5755a576d32e963c3a3802b75a710a24 *D2 02 The Loner.flac
122fd222738f2e7999a909c6c1e36425 *D2 03 Natural Beauty.flac
0dcdf283aef9fde6ee72b4c8c7898c1f *D2 04 Fuckin Up.flac
d406af43c6a1dbd515a5d5c3ecdd79b4 *D2 05 Music Arcade.flac
d18f6b4f4f611ddfd9bc04a2595cfa7d *D2 06 Everybody Know this is Nowhere.flac
d432daeb851d0e1e018dbcd8297d474b *D2 07 Stupid Girl.flac
08b6db1b1b8413a376e8360fd3612851 *D2 08 Rockin' in the Free World.flac
8ebf837f11e8de66c296eb8b4248af40 *D3 01 Prisoners of Rock'n'Roll.flac
979977242734484c4ddbc7c19d1b2576 *D3 02 The Losing End.flac
b4074e06aa3013310c1814d245d029bd *D3 03 Welfare Mothers.flac
8f74a9d15f4baaa31e07bdcbe2a969f8 *D3 04 Dangerbird.flac
4c106b7bed8ce826af177969f9d837b9 *D3 05 Powderfinger.flac
6ee4208255b514889521391d8508d4ae *D3 06 Slip Away.flac
f7aad40d97ac3bb1ee683eee69744fef *D3 07 Roll Another Number.flac