Neil Young Solo Acoustic
March 6 1999
Paramount Theatre,
Seattle, Washington

Neil Young - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, pump organ, guitjo, harmonica

Lineage: Coresound Binaurals > DAT M Sony TCD-D > DAT Clone directly from master
Recorded by friend Cor van der Giessen from Germany who had much better seats
he was down in the "Gold Circle" zone in the first 3-4 rows
from Dan Gale

Transfer: 16 bit � 48kHz DAT > TASCAM DA-20 (SPDIF out) ->
LynxTWO-B Audio Reference Interface (SPDIF in) ->
Wavelab 6.0

Editing and Mastering: on the GEMS Edit Station.
Weiss Saracon for 16 BIT � 44.1kHz SRC and POWR-3 Dither
Traders Little Helper for FLAC Level 8 SBE Free

Tag & Rename for FLAC Meta-Data Tagging

By Jamie Waddell

a *GEMS** Production January 2009

-set one has a bad high pitched tone in the amps. it is resolved for set two.
-old king is a real grate version

Set One
1. crowd
2. Tell Me Why
3. Looking Forward
4. War Of Man
5. Out Of Control
6. Albuquerque
7. World On A String
8. Don't Let It Bring You Down
9. Philadelphia
10. Love Is A Rose
11. Daddy Went Walkin'

Set Two
12. On The Way Home (technical taping issues)
13. From Hank To Hendrix
14. Unknown Legend
15. Distant Camera
16. Harvest Moon
17. Old King
18. Slowpoke
19. See The Sky About To Rain
20. After The Gold Rush
21. crowd

22. Good To See You
23. Heart Of Gold