Neil Young
03-08-1999, Arlene Schnitzer Hall, Portland, Oregon

Disk 1
1. Tell Me Why
2. Looking Forward
3. War Of Man
4. Out Of Control
5. Albuquerque
6. World On A String
7. Pocahontas
8. Philadelphia
9. Homegrown
10. Daddy Went Walkin'

Disk 2
11. Distant Camera
12. Ambluance Blues
13. Unknown Legend
14. Old King
15. Harvest Moon
16. Slowpoke
17. See The Sky About To Rain
18. After The Goldrush
19. Good To See You Again
20. Red Sun
21. Sugar Mountain
22. Powderfinger

Source: Core Sound Binaurals->Sony D8 from the front row,
slightly left of center.

Trasnfer: DAT Master->R500->MBox->Protools->xACT->flac

This evening my tickets I ended up in the front row and directly in
front of me was one of several fill speakers set up across the front of
the stage to provide sound to those too close to get good sound from the
main PA . A great taping opportunity (thanks Neil!), but It was pretty
scary being so exposed, so I just set the levels before the show, let it
run and hoped it worked out. I think this is about as good a recording
as those mics can produce.

I think there is a Schoeps master from this show which I've never gotten
my hands on. It would be fun to compare.

This show contains first performance of Red Sun. Along with the good
seats came a pass to the backstage meet and greet after the show. We
asked Neil about the new song and said it was called Railroad Town. Said
he was going to make an entire Lionel trainset based on it.

At one point someone calls out for Kinda Fonda Wonda. Neil picked up
the big book of lyrics that he'd started bringing onstage this tour and
started reading through the K section ... Kansas, Kinda Fonda Wonda.
Kansas, he says - you've never heard that one. People encouraged him to
play it, but said he said he had to bring that one home with him.
Anyways, he'd pulled the 35 year old song out a couple of weeks later at
the 3/20/99 Oakland show. There's a fantastic recording of that show in