Neil Young
The Theatre at Madison Square Garden

Source: FOB Section 102 Row I. Schoeps MK4s->Reutelhuber Pow2er Supply-> Sony SBM1@44.1kHz->Sony D8(m)
Lineage: D(m)->Audiomedia II Digidesign Card-> Mac Power PC. Selective Compression of Audience with
Digisound Sound Designer II Adaptec Jam->Plextor4x Plexwriter -> 2 CDRs.

CDR->EAC->WAV->Mkw 0.97B1->shn

01. Tell Me Why
02. Looking Firward
03. War of Man
04. Out of Control(on upright piano)
05. Dreamin Man
06. Razor Love
07. Pocahontas(on 12 String)
08. Philadelphia (On Grand Piano)
09. Homegrown
10. Daddy Went Walkin

Set2 Disk 2
11. Distant Camera
12. Ambulance Blues
13. Old King
14. long May You Run(on pump organ)
15. Harvest Moon
16. The Needle and The Damage Done
17. Slowpoke
18. After The Goldrush(start on upright piano, finish on pump organ)
19. E1: Good To See You
20. E1: Heart of Gold
21. E2: Down By The River
22. E2: I am A Child