This is the second of 3 shows Neil Young did in Chicago in 1999.
I got it from a tracker but can't remember which.
As usual, big thanks to the taper and the seeder.
The sound is pretty good on all 3 and I'll try to UL them in a short time frame.
I rewrote the info file and included artwork and a new MD5.

From the original info file:

here comes the 2nd of these great Chicago 1999 solo shows, enjoy!

NEIL YOUNG (solo) - Chicago (Illinois/USA), Rosemont Theater, 30.April 1999

audience recording: DAT-master -> DAT clone(s) -> CDR -> wav -> fading & removal of some loud clapping using Cool Edit -> flac
(no info about recording equipment, sorry)

Set 1:
01 On The Way Home
02 Looking Forward
03 Goin' Back
04 Out Of Control
05 Cortez The Killer
06 Don't Let It Bring You Down
07 Look Out For My Love
08 Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
09 Philadelphia
10 Love Is A Rose
11 Daddy Went Walkin'

Set 2:
12 Distant Camera
13 Ambulance Blues
14 Southern Pacific
15 Old Man
16 Mother Earth
17 Harvest Moon
18 Pocahontas
19 Slowpoke
20 After The Gold Rush

21 Good To See You
22 One Of These Days
23 Red Sun
24 Heart Of Gold


Images for all shows as well as full size images for this show.

Images for this show:

NeilYoung1999-04-30RosemontTheaterChicagoIL (1).jpg