Neil Young solo
May 1, 1999, Rosemont Theatre, Chicago, Illinois
The "Internet Rant" show

Here's another innaresting show from the 1999 tour. Neil is always more talkative during solo shows -- during electric shows, he might say "How ya doin'?" and that's about it. This Chicago show is dubbed the "Internet Rant" show because he goes on a lengthy and amusing diatribe about how the Hyperrust Web site tracks his every move, and everything he says and does appears the next day on the Internet. He even refers to the "Shut Up Asshole" show (see )
Artwork is included in the upload. It's not very good artwork, but at least it serves its purpose by listing the song titles.


Clyde the Camel


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1 Look Out For My Love
2 Looking Forward
3 War Of Man
4 Out Of Control
5 Lotta Love
6 Don't Let It Bring You Down
7 Expecting To Fly
8 Philadelphia
9 Dance, Dance, Dance
10 Daddy Went Walkin'

1 Distant Camera
2 Razor Love
3 Southern Pacific
4 Old Man
5 Horseshoe Man
6 Long May You Run
7 Harvest Moon
8 Slowpoke
9 After The Gold Rush
10 Good To See You Again
11 Pocahontas
12 On The Beach
13 Sugar Mountain

Tour : 1999 An Evening with Neil Young Solo Tour - East Coast
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, banjo, keyboards, harmonica