Neil Young - High-Lights From 1999 Tour (Heart Breakers HB948 1-2-3)

Various venues around the U.S.A. and Canada, March-June 1999

Original silver discs - dBpoweramp secure rip - flac level 7

01 Tell Me Why (Vancouver, 2nd March)
02 Throw Your Hatred Down (Vancouver, 2nd March)
03 Lotta Love (Vancouver, 2nd March)
04 Daddy Went Walkin' (Vancouver, 3rd March)
05 See The Sky About To Rain (Portland, 8th March)
06 Rail Road Town (Portland, 8th March)
07 Love Is A Rose / Homegrown (Spokane, 11th March)
08 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Eugene, 12th March)
09 Unknown Legend (Berkeley, 19th March)
10 Cortez The Killer (Oakland, 20th March)
11 Kansas (Oakland, 20th March)
12 Powder Finger (Los Angeles, 23rd March)
13 Last Trip To Tulsa (Las Vegas, 26th March)
14 One Of These Days (St. Louis, 14th April)
15 Out On The Weekend (Nashville, 15th April)

01 After The Goldrush (Boston, 18th April)
02 Mansion On The Hill (Boston, 18th April)
03 Comes A Time (Boston, 18th April)
04 Pocahontas (New York, 19th April)
05 I'm A Child (New York, 21st April)
06 Horseshoe Man (New York, 21st April)
07 Cowgirl In The Sand (New York, 21st April)
08 Cinnamon Girl (New York, 21st April)
09 Down By The River (New York, 21st April)
10 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Philadelphia, 24th April)
11 Birds (Akron, 27th April)
12 Ohio (Akron, 27th April)
13 Southern Man (Akron, 27th April)
14 Razor Love (Chicago, 28th April)
15 Now A Days Claney Can't Even Sing (Chicago, 28th April)

01 Lotta Love (Chicago, 1st May)
02 Expecting To Fly (Chicago, 1st May)
03 On The Beach (Chicago, 1st May)
04 Mr. Soul (Detroit, 19th May)
05 Mother Earth (Detroit, 20th May)
06 Look Out For My Love (Minneapolis, 22nd May)
07 Dreamin' Man (Minneapolis, 23rd May)
08 From Hank To Hendrix (Minneapolis, 23rd May)
09 - omitted as officially released on Silver And Gold dvd) -
10 Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (Austin, 29th May)
11 - omitted as officially released on Silver And Gold dvd) -
12 Harvest (Houston, 2nd June)
13 White Line (Houston, 2nd June)
14 Helpless (Houston, 2nd June)
15 Sugar Mountain (Houston, 2nd June)

Artwork included