Neil Young
Philharmonie, Munich, Germany
May 5, 2003

"Greendale Solo Tour"

Audience Recording

Lineage Unknown > CDR > flac

Covers Included

Judging from a listen and a review of the spec/freq analysis,
it seems this recording has been altered to remove a lot of
the loud clapping/cheering around the taper in between songs.
It doesn't appear this has been done to clapping during the
songs, but the sound is excellent nonetheless.

An excellent audience recording, in my opinion... EX/EX-.

Disc One:
1. Falling From Above
2. Double E
3. Devil's Sidewalk
4. Leave the Driving
5. Carmichael
6. Bandit
7. Grandpa's Interview

Disc Two:
"Greendale" Cont'd
1. Bringin' Down Dinner
2. Sun Green
3. Be The Rain
Encore 1:
4. Lotta Love
5. Expecting to Fly
6. Mother Earth
7. Don't Let It Bring You Down
8. Old Man
9. After the Gold Rush
10. War of Man
Encore 2:
11. Heart of Gold

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