Neil Young
Bridge School Benefit
Mountain View, CA
October 22, 2006

Recorded from the lower reserved seats center
Source: CMC8 > Edirol R-09 16/44.1>Soundforge(Normalized)>CD Wave>Flac Frontend>FLAC

Disc 1
Neil Young Guest Appearances
1. Country Girl-Gillian Welch w/ Neil Young lead vocals last verse
2. Military Madness-Death Cab For Cutie w/Neil Young on guitar & backing vocals
3. Throw Your Hatred Down-Pearl Jam w/Neil Young on vocals and guitar
4. Down By The River-Dave Matthews Band w/Neil Young on vocals and guitar

Disc 2
Neil Young openers
1. Ambulence Blues
2. Long May You Run
3. Comes A Time
Neil Closing Set
4. After The Garden
5. Goin Back
6. Harvest Moon
7. Old Man
8. One Of These Days
9. Rockin In The Free World-Finale