Fox Theater
St. Louis, MO

Disc One
01. From Hank to Hendrix
02. Ambulance Blues
03. Sad Movies
04. A Man Needs a Maid
05. No One Seems to Know
06. Harvest
07. After the Gold Rush
08. Mellow My Mind
09. Love Art Blues
10. Love is a Rose
11. Heart of Gold
12. The Loner (intro is cut)

Disc Two
01. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
02. Dirty Old Man
03. Spirit Road
04. Bad Fog of Loneliness
05. Band Intros
06. Winterlong
07. Oh, Lonesome Me
08. The Believer
09. No Hidden Path

10. Cinnamon Girl
11. Cortez the Killer
12. The Sultan

Source: CSBs (with battery box) > Edirol R-09 > Sound Forge 8.0d >
CD Architect 5.2 > EAC > FLAC (8)

Notes: This was the first show I've recorded with the Edirol. The first few seconds of The Loner are missing to Edirol newbieness. The rest is complete.

More notes: There are 2 people coughing and/or sneezing by me throughout the show. There is a loser sitting two seats away from me (one of the cougher/sneezers) who also felt is a good idea to talk through parts of the acoustic set. We managed to get him to shut up (for the most part). Non-sneezing/coughing samples are attached.

Images for this show:

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