Artist: Neil Young w./ Rick Rosas, Ben Keith, Ralph Molina, Anthony Crawford & Pegi Young

Venue: Stadsschouwburg
City: Antwerpen (BE)
Date: 2008-02-12

It was this evening Neil at his best, I think the acoustic set didn't start as good as the previous evening, but the song selection changed everything!
Neil was talkative inbetween songs and in a good mood.

included in the acoustic set are:

Try: first performance ever in Europe
This song was introduced during the American Continental tour after someone in Portland called for a song, Neil replied something and an other person in the audience said in a response "Try it". On which Neil replied: "That's a good one, and asked someone aside of the stage to write it down" Obviously Neil only heard Try (instead of Try it) A couple of shows later the song which was only known by it's title was introduced in the set.

Cowgirl In The Sand:
As far as I know this song was only played in Europe in the UK: both in 1973 during the Tonight's The Night Tour and in 1976 at the Hammersmth Odeon.
( The song I have been waiting for to hear live for more than 26 years.)

Final song of the evening:

The Sultan:
First performance ever in Europe, the song was played only a limited number of times during the US Continental tour.

Rockin'In The Free world: A song often played live since 1989, but was not played during the US Continental tour.

Recording: Edirol R-09 + SPS-CMC8 microphones

Lineage: Edirol >harddisk > Soundforge 4.5 + plugins + SEKD Red Roaster

Editing: Using the Sonic Maximizer process, graphiq equalizing of applaus inbetween songs of the acoustic set, fade in/ fade out
where possible removal of some loud clapping.

Recorded from row 7 from left speaker stack

Recording & editing: Young Dutch Master

No artwork available (yet)

Disc 1:

1. From Hank To Hendrix
2. Ambulance Blues
3. Sad Movies
4. A Man Needs A Maid
5. No One Seems To Know
6. Try
7. Harvest
8. After The Goldrush
9. Mellow My Mind
10. Love Art Blues
11. Don't Let It Bring You Down
12 Cowgirl In The Sand
13. Old Man

Disc 2:
14. Mr. Soul
15. Don't Cry No Tears
16. Dirty Old Man
17. Spirit Road
18. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
19. Band introduction
20. Winterlong
21. Oh, Lonesome Me
22. The Believer
23. No Hidden Path
24. Cinnamon Girl
25. Rockin'In The Free World
26. The Sultan