Artist: Neil Young

Date: 2008-02-18

Venue: RAI Theater

City: Amsterdam

Soundquality: Excellent

Equipment: Edirol R-09 + Sound Professionals SPS-cmc-8 microphones

Edirol > digital transfer > harddisk. Editing: Redroaster 4.5 + plugins

Due to a very loud clapper in front of the microphones I used the 'Click and Crackle removal'to delete him from the recording. Graphiq fading on all the applause parts between songs to make it listenable.

As there was an conversation going on between someone in the audience on the balcony and Neil on stage about the sound quality I increased the volume of that part with 6db.

Recording: Old Dutch Master

Editing: Young Dutch Master

This evening was - again - Neil at his best. he was in a very good mood, open for suggestions as he played Stringman as a request made by Bry Carter from the UK. (The first request for this song by him can be heard on the Paris recording of the 14th February)
We have to thank Bry for this.

Also included in the set are the rarely played songs Kansas and Try.

It seems that Neil is ready for some changes in the setlist: In the electric set The Believer was replaced by Powderfinger. Also on stage a painting for a song which has not yet been played was visible. (I will not mention the title here, but if Too Far Gone is included in the setlist of the forthcomming shows I will not be surprised)

From the 10 ( 4 US + 6 European)shows I've been to, tonight's No Hidden Path was the best of all.

No artwork included, but excellent artwork will be uploaded here! Thanks for that.

Disc 1:

01 From Hank To Hendrix
02 Ambulance Blues
03 Kansas
04 A Man Needs A Maid
05 Try
06 Harvest
07 Conversation with the audience
08 After The Goldrush
09 Mellow My Mind
10 Stringman
11 Love Art Blues
12 Heart Of Gold
13 Old Man

Disc 2:

01: The Loner
02: Don't Cry No Tears
03: Dirty Old Man
04: Spirit Road
05: Bad Fog Of Loneliness
06: band introduction
07: Winterlong
08: Oh Lonesome Me
09: Powderfinger
10: No Hidden Path
11: Cinnamon Girl
12: Rockin In The Free World