Neil Young Manchester UK 12th March 2008
Manchester Apollo
AT 831B>AT 8531 Power Module> Zoom H2 cool edit pro amplify cd wave for track splitting
Flaws mic knocked a couple of times by guys who couldn`t hold their beer and had to visit the bathroom however these knocks are between songs

Disc One
1 From Hank To Hendrix
2 Ambulance Blues
3 Sad Movies
4 A Man Needs A Maid
5 No One Seems To Know
6 Harvest
7 Journey Through The Past
8 Mellow My Mind
9 Love Art Blues
10 Love Is A Rose
11Old Man
12 The Loner
13 Dirty Old Man
14 Spirit Road

Disc Two
1 Powderfinger
2 Hey Hey My My
3 Too Far Gone
4 Oh Lonesome Me
5 Band Intro- The Believer
6 No Hidden Path
7 Cinnamon Girl
8 Fuckin` Up
9 Tonight`s The Night
10 The Sultan