Band: Neil Young Solo
Venue: Landmark Theatre
Location: Richmond, Virginia, USA
Date: 17-April-2011

Source: DPA SMK 4060 > DPA MMA 6000 > Tascam DR-05
Mastering: Soundforge (Near Clap Killing/Compression/Resampling 96kHz-24b to 44.1kHz-16b/Fade In-Out/Track Splits) > TLH > Flac

Set List Neil Young:

02-My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)
03-Tell Me Why
05-You Never Call
06-Peaceful Valley Boulevard
07-Love and War
08-Down by the River
11-Sign of Love
13-After the Gold Rush
14-I Believe in You
16-Cortez the Killer
17-Cinnamon Girl
19-Walk with Me (Encore)

Line Up:
Neil Young +
- guitars (acoustic, electro/acoustic, old black, gretsch),
- harmonica,
- standing piano,
- pump organ,
- grand piano,
- vocals

I was located in the 4th row from the stage (PIT Orchestra), this resulted in a half direct / half ambient sound of the hall acoustics. Quite some close-by yelling (difficult to reduce!) but still acceptable for an audience recording imo.
I also recorded the 2nd Boston show from the balcony. However, due to the loud/noisy neigbors this is a far inferior recording and does not compare to my other recordings. Therefor I have not processed this for uploading to dime.

Artwork is not included, but adding your creations are very welcome !

Enjoy this recording !