Neil Young Solo
Centennial Concert Hall
Honour The Treaties Benefit
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
January 16 2014

A Concert To Aid The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Legal Defense.

Diana Krall opened

Neil talked alot, but not too much and not about the blatant violation of Treaty no.8,
He let the music do the talking. He changed the last verse(s) of Pocahontas - got a youtube
clip of that below.

The recording turn out well. There's some parts where the talking didn't come out clearly, due
to too low recording levels.Batted down the applause somewhat.

It was a fantastic concert!

Source: CA-14(cards) > CA9100 > Zoom H4n 24/48
Transfer: SD > iZotopeRx (gain,ozone 4, resample,dither 16/44) >
CDWave(tracks) > Frontend (FLAC level 8) > TLH (ffp) > MD5Sum

Set list

01. From Hank To Hendrix
02. talk
03. On The Way Home
04. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
05. Love In Mind
06. talk
07. Mellow My Mind
08. talk
09. Are You Ready For The Country ?
10. Someday
11. talk (about Phil Ochs)
12. Changes
13. talk
14. Harvest
15. Old Man
16. A Man Needs A Maid
17. talk
18. Ohio
19. talk
20. Southern Man
21. Mr. Soul
22. Pocahontas
23. Helpless
24. talk
25. Heart Of Gold
26. encore break
27. Comes A Time
28. Long May You Run

99 Minutes