Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse
Patinoire de Kockelscheuer
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

This was my first download after joining dimeadozen more than 3 years ago. Time has come now to dust off the files and share them in companion with all the other phantastic uploads form the European Garage Tour 1987.
The files remained the same they were 3 years ago, but I renamed them more properly. I created new checksums and a new text file as well.

analog audience recording
taper : unknown (many thanks, whoever you are!)

lineage : 1st gen cassettes>Nakamichi (dolby off)>SB Audigy Platinum>
Soundforge>FLAC level 8 (w/verify & align)

Disc 1 (57:18)

101 Mr. Soul
102 Cinnamon Girl
103 The Loner
104 Down By The River
105 Heart Of Gold
106 See The Sky About To Rain
107 When Your Lonely Heart Breaks
108 Surfer Joe & Moe The Sleaze
109 Opera Star

Disc 2 (60:27)

201 Cortez The Killer
202 Sugar Mountain
203 Comes A Time
204 The Needle & The Damage Done
205 Long Walk Home
206 Too Lonely
207 Powderfinger
208 Like A Hurricane
209 Hey Hey My My

Thanks to Tom at Sugar Mountain

and GOTR

Enjoy! Please do not sell or encode to mp3. Never ever!!!
Share it with your friends.

uploaded on dimeadozen by sunwalker 04/2009