Neil YOung w/ Crazy Horse

28 July 2014
Zollhafen - Nordmole
Mainz, Germany

CD 1
01 Down By The River
02 Powderfinger
03 Standing In The Light Of Love
04 Days That Used To Be
05 Living With War
06 Love To Burn

CD 2
01 Name Of Love
02 Blowin' In The Wind
03 Heart Of Gold
04 Barstool Blues
05 Psychedelic Pill
06 Cortez The Killer
07 Rockin' In The Free World
08 Who's Gonna Stand Up And Save The Earth?

Recording & editing: Zuma66

Recorded center left 3th row

Lineage: Edirol R09-HR > core sound binaural + battery box
CompactFlash card reader >
PC > WAV editing with goldwave > Audacity 1.3
Cd wave > Traders Little Helper level 8

Tour: 2014 World Tour with Crazy Horse
Band: Crazy Horse, Line Up 9
Neil Young - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Frank Sampedro - electric guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals
Rick Rosas - bass
Dorene Carter - vocals
YaDonna West - vocals

d4eb85969d04608d64310ca6914e95a2 *D1 01 Down By The River.flac
1b6f4755c55ec3afb755eab05a8588ed *D1 02 Powderfinger.flac
82e59aa4a088e6fb2a47e47199cca731 *D1 03 Standing In The Light Of Love.flac
27f3d3cc7a3d96ba78f0955a6aaeed78 *D1 04 Days That Used To Be.flac
df0871e0e44017d1e2db609eb5c756c2 *D1 05 Living With War.flac
e574d8956541a795738b52ab5f8514da *D1 06 Love To Burn.flac
ba99f682ff3bcedf9090b5bc6c1cdf6d *D2 01 Name Of Love.flac
b022d9933b5509b24de942cc5f42068f *D2 02 Blowin' In The Wind.flac
ca11749cf92e2f15c40674d78a762933 *D2 03 Heart Of Gold.flac
a41081345fb1854a7422fd41fb011a1b *D2 04 Barstool Blues.flac
b27eda014b011597875618acb746c045 *D2 05 Psychedelic Pill.flac
c417c545cb5d11827928ce8446ca910f *D2 06 Cortez The Killer.flac
4dd738c285fa5735afb05ab755b21abf *D2 07 Rockin' In The Free World.flac
a41140295ac37a470778d4593b057a4d *D2 08 Who's Gonna Stand Up And Save The Earth.flac

D1 01 Down By The River.flac:b116475c4761d2669b19c388637116ef
D1 02 Powderfinger.flac:4df559bf44fc26ea8805cdbec16e40ce
D1 03 Standing In The Light Of Love.flac:25a97a8802beea33cfafd65b1b5a86d0
D1 04 Days That Used To Be.flac:502f93d4d9b2d82ce83d8cfa15b7820a
D1 05 Living With War.flac:afd772499fd341db1b649694af500c8b
D1 06 Love To Burn.flac:e5de25c8a8a4fdd3fd8206cd6fb8e676
D2 01 Name Of Love.flac:75a29c75746f207746e43a91ef1004c9
D2 02 Blowin' In The Wind.flac:6c5f8a9e797c0c887313187f88d74b8a
D2 03 Heart Of Gold.flac:baba08b787c0692ec3cf79d755969cf3
D2 04 Barstool Blues.flac:57698b12789d4fb155edecefd0b76411
D2 05 Psychedelic Pill.flac:22230e8018cac0e5bed0cff3783a7003
D2 06 Cortez The Killer.flac:b00610546cc8d7266fd1ac4ec251e465
D2 07 Rockin' In The Free World.flac:0e275b66d088dfd45530d712a164791b
D2 08 Who's Gonna Stand Up And Save The Earth.flac:d109232f2339d4da920ad946289ca118