Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Warnors Theater
Fresno, Ca
May 2, 2018

Recorded by Daspyknows
Row T Center Aisle
Schoeps MK4/NBox Platinum Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2018.49

01. Big Time
02. Country Home
03. Don't Cry No Tears
04. Winterlong
05. World on a String
06. Scattered (Let's Think About Livin')
07. Fuckin' Up
08. Too Far Gone
09. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
10. Cinnamon Girl
11. Cortez the Killer
12. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
13. Mansion on the Hill
14. Like a Hurricane
15. Crowd
16. The Losing End

My Day 2 was supposed to be spent working in my hotel room in Fresno but
the wireless was out on my floor. Meant I took the day off but also meant
I would be working the weekend and not going to Bakersfield. I got together
with an old roommate/friend/taping partner from the 1980's who I hadn't seen
in ages which was fun. We taped Neil together in 1986 at the Cow Palace using
a PCM F-1 and we enjoyed looking at current gear which is smaller than the
tapes we used back then. After than met up with a bunch of folks from the
Desert Trip festival who I knew online but had never met in person. We had a
good time and then my internal alarm clock told me it was time to go. Got to
the venue took care of tickets and walked in easily. Jonathan Richman's set
was a little better but still not a great recording. Neil came on and although
it was a similar list, the show was tighter and sound was better. I was a bit
closer which helped. All in all it was a great time in Fresno and I feel fortunate
I was able to go to see these. On the way out I ran into Bill Walton. I had CDs of
night one I had made and gave him a set. He thanked me and that was a nice ending
to the show for me.

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