Neil Young & his Electric Band
2009 Continental Tour - Europe

2009 Europe Tour Compilation Rustbucket

Last year I put together a compilation of the 2008 European Spring Tour

and the 2008 European Summer Tour

First off, this is NOT a compilation of every song from the 2009 European tour
There are 3 songs that I haven't included:
All Along The Watchtower, Cowgirl In the Sand and Speakin' Out
They were performed only once on the tour and I felt the quality of
the recordings of the 3 songs were not quite up to being included (see Disc 4)

As before, I've compared each version of every song from all the recordings I have (nearly all of them!)
and picked the best version to my ears.

The core of this compilation comes from the shows at
Antwerp, Rotterdam, Dublin and Aberdeen

Grateful thanks to the European tapers for the seemingly never ending supply of recordings
Hats off to Reelclasio, Dutch Master and tbugsett
Nice to meet you in Nottingham Mario!

All these songs are off dime

Dime flacs > Nero Wave Editor > Goldwave > dbpoweramp > wave
flac frontend > Level 8 Verify and align on sector boundaries

Goldwave used to crossfade all tracks, no gaps.
Goldwave used also to do some eq and volume boosts
Other than crossfades, I have not carried out any fade-ins or fade-outs
Song order based on concert order or the volume of audience applause (for the cross fades!)

For those that don't burn discs, all 35 tracks on the 3 disc set play continuously


A Rustbucket production!

Disc 1 (69:46)
01 Hey Hey My My 2009-06-24 Aberdeen, Scotland
02 Mansion On the Hill 2009-06-21 Dublin, Ireland
03 Are You Ready For the Country 2009-06-21 Dublin
04 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 2009-06-07 Rotterdam, Netherlands
05 Spirit Road 2009-06-24 Aberdeen, Scotland
06 Pocahontas 2009-06-21 Dublin, Ireland
07 Words 2009-06-21 Dublin, Ireland
08 Cortez the Killer 2009-06-06 Antwerp, Belgium
09 Cinnamon Girl 2009-06-06 Antwerp, Belgium
10 Fuckin Up 2009-06-16 Berlin, Germany

Disc 2 (77:24)
01 Love And Only Love 2009-06-06 Antwerp, Belgium
02 On the Way Home 2009-06-21 Dublin, Ireland
03 Burned 2009-06-21 Dublin, Ireland
04 I've Been Waiting For You 2009-06-06 Antwerp, Belgium
05 Tonight's the Night 2009-06-16 Berlin, Germany
06 Roll Another Number 2009-06-16 Berlin, Germany
07 Don't Let It Bring You Down 2009-06-23 Nottingham, England
08 Unknown Legend 2009-06-24 Aberdeen, Scotland
09 From Hank To Hendrix 2009-06-12 Stockholm, Sweden
10 Mother Earth 2009-06-04 Paris, France
11 The Needle And the Damage Done 2009-06-27 London, England
12 Goin' Back 2009-06-06 Antwerp, Belgium
13 Lost In Space 2009-06-07 Rotterdam, Netherlands
14 Heart of Gold 2009-06-07 Rotterdam, Netherlands
15 Comes A Time 2009-06-07 Rotterdam, Netherlands
16 Old Man 2009-06-07 Rotterdam, Netherlands
17 band intros 2009-06-07 Rotterdam, Netherlands

Disc 3 (66:05)
01 Just Singing A Song 2009-06-03 Nantes, France
02 Get Back To the Country 2009-06-03 Nantes, France
03 Harvest Moon 2009-06-24 Aberdeen, Scotland
04 Down By the River 2009-06-24 Aberdeen, Scotland
05 Get Behind the Wheel 2009-06-07 Rotterdam, Netherlands
06 Like A Hurricane 2009-06-04 Paris, France
07 Rockin' In the Free World 2009-06-21 Dublin, Ireland
08 A Day In the Life 2009-06-21 Dublin, Ireland

Disc 4 'Bonus Tracks' (71:14)
The 3 songs missing from Europe comp plus selected songs not played in Europe
01 All Along The Watchtower 2009-04-27 Denver CO
02 Mr Soul 2009-04-22 Kelowna BC
03 Cowgirl In the Sand 2009-04-25 Lethbridge AB
04 Change Your Mind 2009-04-27 Denver CO
05 When You Dance I Can Really Love 2009-04-22 Kelowna BC
06 Four Strong Winds 2009-04-25 Lethbridge, AB
07 Speakin' Out 2009-04-27 Denver CO
08 Albuquerque 2009-04-27 Denver CO
09 Light A Candle 2009-04-22 Kelowna BC
10 Feel Your Love 2009-04-22 Kelowna BC
11 One Of These Days 2009-01-24 Sydney AUS

Neil Young - guitar, harmonica, pump organ, piano, vibraphone, vocals
Ben Keith - pedal steel, lap steel, guitar, organ, background vocals
Rick Rosas - bass, background vocals
Chad Cromwell - drums, background vocals
Anthony Crawford - background vocals, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Larry Cragg - banjo on Old Man
Pegi Young - background vocals, vibraphone, piano, percussion

2009-06-03 Nantes leviben Archos jukebox recorder 20Go (Firmware Rockbox), Micro Ecm 719 Sony
2009-06-04 Paris Dutch_Master Edirol R-09 + Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 microphones
2009-06-06 Antwerp reelclasio SP CMC-8 > Edirol R09
2009-06-06 Antwerp Dutch_Master Edirol R-09 + Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 microphones
2009-06-07 Rotterdam reelclasio SP CMC-8 > Edirol R09
2009-06-07 Rotterdam Dutch_Master Edirol R-09 + Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 microphones
2009-06-12 Stockholm tbugsett Schoeps MK4 > Nbox+ > Edirol R-09
2009-06-16 Berlin tbugsett Schoeps MK4 > Nbox+ > Edirol R-09
2009-06-21 Dublin reelclasio SP CMC-8 > Edirol R09
2009-06-23 Nottingham Dutch_Master Edirol R-09 + Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 microphones
2009-06-24 Aberdeen reelclasio SP CMC-8 > Edirol R09
2009-06-27 Hyde Park tbugsett Schoeps MK4 > Nbox+ > Edirol R-09

2009-04-22 Kelowna BC ridemyllama Schoeps>Nbox>Edirol R-09
2009-04-25 Lethbridge, AB ridemyllama Schoeps>Nbox>Edirol R-09
2009-04-27 Denver CO idj2 Omnidirectional "binaural" microphones">>Marantz PMD620
2009-04-27 Denver CO zuma11 Schoeps CCM4 > Aerco > Edirol R-09
2009-04-27 Denver CO duckman2 Edirol R09
2009-01-24 Sydney AUS elwyn5150 Zoom H4 Built-in Mics Low Gain