Neil Young & Promise Of The Real
2016 Europe Tour Compilation
Rebel Content Tour

Part 2. The electric Gretsch and Old Black sets
Part 1 can be found here :

Possible subtitle
- The Real Neil
- Organic Rock
- The Earthlings

A Dutch Masters production
Song selection: Otto of the Dutch Masters
Editing: Otto & Young Dutch Master

What can I say about this tour.
This one is long, this one is good, this one is special, this one touched me, stopped me in my tracks.
In all those 40 years of Neil Young concert experience this one stands out.
After every show I wanted to see another, couldn't get enough
This band brings out the best in Neil, this band carries him instead of the other way around.
Very nice to see the camaraderie on stage.

Lukas Nelson - electric guitar, piano, vocals
Micah Nelson - electric guitar, electric charango, piano, vocals
Corey McCormick - bass, vocals
Anthony Logerfo - drums
Tato Melgar - percussion

This compilation should hold all the different songs played on this fantastic tour, even solo and band versions are presented.
Like an Inca has both the Gretsch and the Old Black versions included

The selection proces took a long time and wasn't easy as there were so many good/well played versions of the songs and so many good recordings available,
but a joy to listen to all this great music.
The selection of the presented tracks is somewhat arbitrary. A Matter of taste, preference, in concert experience maybe.
At the Amsterdam show I was very impressed with version of 'Words' . The best I ever heard.
Until reviewing others

Sometimes we went to the best played version, sometimes for the best sounding recording.Sometimes we just couldn't make a chioce. (LAOL)
In a few cases we stayed close to home and pick from the Dutch Masters Archive, Spaghetti Archives, Scandinavian or Californian sources.
For chronological reasons After the Goldrush of part 1 is the first song palyed on the tour, and Rocking In The Freeworld in part 2 the last song of the tour.

Center pieces proved to be the Antwerp, Amsterdam and Berlin recordings of our very own Young Dutch master.
In order to maximize your listening pleasure on some of the songs the bass sound was adjusted with equalizing.
This Corey guy really knows how to make his point. As you understand to glu every song to the other some applause tricks were used.

The EARTH is here too.

Chapeau to all these wonderful crazy guys making all these recordings and sharing these with all of us.
I did my best to stay tracked on which recorded version was used, you can find the complete list in the info file.

Who knows there might come a Dime compilation of tour video's from original files.
On youtube you can find a ton of tour video's, so we will have to do with that for now.

No covers are included in this torrent.
That's for the specialists to cover.
I would prefer a black and white version and a coloured one. Say in the spirit of a solo and band version.

Proposed CD burns
CD 3 34 - 41
CD 4 42 - 48
CD 5 49 - 58
CD 6 59 - 69
CD 7 70 - 73
But you can also skip a day at the office and play it all in a row.

I know there are more compilations underway, these will surely have their own quality, approach and angle.
Hope you enjoy these efforts.

The sound is: excellent

Between brackets: taper see list at the botom of this document

Electric Gretsch set

34. Words 2016-07-07 Stavern - Norway (2)
35. Alabama 2016-21-07 Berlin - Germany (3)
36. Winterlong 2016-21-07 Berlin - Germany (3)
37. If I Could Have Her Tonight 2016-07-12 Montreux - Switzerland (13)
38. Ohio 2016-06-08 Dublin - Ireland (2)
39. Bad Fog Of Loneliness 2016-07-21 Berlin - Germany (3)
40. Like An Inca 2016-06-15 Lyon - France (5)
41. Walk On 2016-06-24 Antwerp - Belgium (3)

Electric Old Black set ( + acoustic interludes * )

42. Love To Burn 2016-06-11 London - England (4)
43. Powderfinger 2016-07-21 Berlin - Germany (3)
44. Country Home 2016-07-21 Berlin - Germany (3)
45. I've Been Waiting For You 2016-07-16 Lucca - Italy (3)
46. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 2016-07-21 Berlin - Germany (3)
47. Down By The River 2016-07-21 Berlin - Germany (3)
48. Mansion On The Hill 2016-07-03 Helsinki - Finland (10)

49. Change Your Mind 2016-07-12 Montreux - Switzerland (13)
50. Don't Be Denied 2016-07-09 Amsterdam - the Netherlands (9)
51. Monsanto Years 2016-06-24 Antwerp - Belgium (3)
52. People Want To Hear About Love 2016-07-21 Berlin - Germany (3)
53. Seed Justice 2016-07-21 Berlin - Germany (3)
54. Revolution Blues 2016-06-11 London - England (4)
55. After The Garden 2016-07-05 Dalhalla - Sweden (2)
56. Vampire Blues 2016-07-05 Dalhalla - Sweden (2)
57. Western Hero * 2016-07-21 Berlin - Germany (3)
58. Like An Inca 2016-06-21 Toulouse - France (11)

59. Mr. Soul 2016-06-07 Belfast - Northern Ireland (2)
60. Roll Another Number 2016-06-07 Belfast - Northern Ireland (2)
61. The Loner 2016-06-16 Marseille - France (14)
62. F*!#in' Up 2016-06-16 Marseille - France (14)
63. Cinnamon Girl 2016-06-13 Lille - France (3)
64. When You Dance I Can Really Love 2016-06-13 Lille - France (3)
65. Like A Hurricane 2016-07-20 Leipzig - Germany (3)
66. Wolf Moon * 2016-07-21 Berlin - Germany (3)
67. Homegrown 2016-07-16 Lucca - Italy (3)
68. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) 2016-07-16 Rome - Italy (5)
69. Cortez The Killer 2016-07-05 Dalhalla - Sweden (2)

70. Cowgirl In The Sand 2016-07-18 Milan - Italy (8)
71. Tonight's The Night 2016-06-24 Antwerp - Belgium (3)
72. Love And Only Love 2016-06-13 Lille - France (12)
73. Rockin' In The Free World 2016-07-23 Klam - Austria (5)


1 = Mayhem
2 = Thor
3 = Young Dutch Master
4 = Dutch Masters Apprentice
5 = Zuma66
6 = Letsgo
7 = Ridemyllama
8 = Appleberry
9 = Otto
10 = TomA
11 = Letsgo
12 = thesedays 95
13 = Zuma11
14 = Kiki

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Young Dutch Master

34 Words 7-jul Stavern
35 Alabama 21-jul Berlin
36 Winterlong 21-jul Berlin
37 If I Could Have Her Tonight 12-jul Montreux
38 Ohio 8-jun Dublin
39 Bad Fog Of Loneliness 21-jul Berlin
40 Like An Inca 15-jun Lyon
41 Walk On 24-jun Antwerp

42 Love To Burn 11-jun London
43 Powderfinger 21-jul Berlin
44 Country Home 21-jul Berlin
45 I've Been Waiting For Y 16-jul Lucca
46 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 21-jul Berlin
47 Down By The River 21-jul Berlin
48 Mansion On The Hill 3-jul Helsinki

49 Change Your Mind 12-jul Montreux
50 Don't Be Denied 9-jul Amsterdam
51 Monsanto Years 24-jun Antwerp
52 People Want To Hear About Love 21-jul Berlin
53 Seed Justice 21-jul Berlin
54 Revolution Blues 11-jun London
55 After The Garden 5-jul Dalhalla
56 Vampire Blues 5-jul Dalhalla
57 Western Hero 21-jul Berlin
58 Like An Inca 21-jun Toulouse

59 Mr. Soul 7-jun Belfast
60 Roll Another Number 7-jun Belfast
61 The Loner 16-jun Marseille
62 F*!#in' Up 16-jun Marseille
63 Cinnamon Girl 13-jun Lille
64 When You Dance I Can Really Love 13-jun Lille
65 Like A Hurricane 20-jul Leipzig
66 Wolf Moon 21-jul Berlin
67 Homegrown 16-jul Lucca
68 Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) 15-jul Rome
69 Cortez The Killer 5-jul Dalhalla

70 Cowgirl In The Sand 18-jul Milan
71 Tonight's The Night 24-jun Antwerp
72 Love And Only Love 13-jun Lille
73 RockinIn The Free World 23-jul Klam

Do not buy or sell this or other recordings by the Dutch Masters
The recordings are made by fans for fans and are made freely available on the internet.
Support the artists by buying their official releases.

I noticed a number of times that Dutch Master recordings are sold on sites on the internet in Holland like Marktplaats.NL and similar sites. Please give me a note when you spot these kind of advertisements.