Neil Young & Promise of the Real
Paramount Theater
Seattle, Wa
May 21, 2019

Recorded by Daspyknows
12th row dead center
Schoeps MK4 Nbox Platinum DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2019.030

01. After the Gold Rush
02. Green Is Blue
03. Think of Me
04. Heart of Gold
05. Olden Days
06. Comes a Time
07. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)
08. Human Highway
09. Unknown Legend
10. Alabama
11. Words (Between the Lines of Age)
12. Turn Off the News (Build a Garden)
13. Everything Is Bullshit
14. Down by the River
15. Country Home
16. Rainbow of Colors
17. She Showed Me Love
18. Rockin' in the Free World
19. Happy Birthday
20. Crowd
21. Roll Another Number (For the Road)
22. Crowd
Encore 2:
23. Milky Way

This should was originally planned as a road trip to see Neil Young and the
Rolling Stones and to meet up with online friends who attended week 1 of Desert
Trip, but with the postponement of the Stones tour I decided to fly up for the
show. I left for the airport 2 hours before my flight figuring it was an 18
mile drive that typically takes 30 to 45 minutes. One hour and 45 minutes later
I get to the airport and drop my back 9 minutes before my flight. Luckily I had
TRA Pre so I barely made my flight but my bad didn't. I could have gone all
carry-on but I wanted to be prepared for whatever security had waiting for me.
On the plane I watched and didn't see my bag and I got a message that the venue
now had walk through metal detectors. Once I landed I confirmed no bag until
the next flight due in 2 hours so I got my rental car. The 2 hours turned into
3 1/2 hours and finally got my bag. I drove to meet my friends who had a place
three blocks from the venue and changed and got my gear sorted. No time for
dinner (after no lunch) we got to the venue and picked up our tickets. I was
able to get in easily and got set up. I discovered the food options were very
limited so I got potato chips yum. I discovered there was an opener as I got
to my seat. No one knew who it was but he was fun and interesting. Turns out
he was from Kenya and moved to US to be a folk singer. After he finished his
set I was ready for Neil. The lights go down and Neil comes out and opens with
a solo After The Goldrush followed by more acoustic numbers working his way to the
pump organ on the other end of the stage for Mother Earth. At this point Promise
of The Real comes out while Neil plays acoustic for a few songs. Lukas gets to
sing Turn Off The News follwed by Micah singing Everything Is Bullshit. From this
point on it is all electric with amazing versions of Down By The Rover and Rockin'
In the Free World to close the set which is followed by Happy Birthday for Anthony
who is the drummer for POTR. They come out and do Roll Another Number for the
encore which seemed to be the last song. Lights come on and folks start leaving
but enough keep people keep cheering that the band comes out for a second encore.
After playing Milky Way we head out for a late dinner and drinks.

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