Neil Young & the Shocking Pinks
PNE Coliseum
Vancouver, BC, Canada

01 crowd
02 Comes A Time
03 Motor City
04 Down By The River
05 Soul Of A Woman
06 Old Ways
07 Old Man
08 Helpless
09 Dance Dance Dance
10 Heart Of Gold
11 Don't Be Denied
12 Dan Clear
13 Sail Away
14 Powderfinger
15 Ohio
16 After The Goldrush
17 Transformer Man
18 My My, Hey Hey cut
19 Mr. Soul
20 Sugar Mountain
21 Dan Clear interview with "Vito Toledo"
22 Jellyroll Man
23 That's All Right
24 Wonderin'
25 Kinda Fonda Wanda
26 Bright Lights, Big City
27 Get Gone
28 Everybody's Rocking
29 Do You Wanna Dance

Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica, vocoder
Ben Keith - guitar, alto saxophone
Larry Byrom - piano, trumpet, vocals
Anthony Crawford - guitar, vocals
Rick Palombi - vocals
Craig Hayes - baritone saxophone
Tim Drummond - bass
Karl T. Himmel - drums
Larry Cragg - drums, banjo, pedal steel guitar
Joel Bernstein - vocoder and synclavier
Pegi Young - vocals
Inez Bongiorn - vocals
Connie Simmons - vocals
Rosemary Lovell - vocals

information from GOTR and/or Sugar Mountain - thanks to PL and TH

source: probably second generation TDK AD90s > AIWA AD-F810 > Creative SB1260 > Audacity > wav file >
edited w Nero > flac > Dime

Another one of only average quality I'm afraid.

From a technical point of view the recorder used for this show had some faults - the volume varied
considerably throughout and channels were unbalanced - the left channel broke up completely on Mr Soul
and Sugar Mountain and I replaced left with a copy of the right for those two songs. Also applied a
tiny noise reduction and made an attempt to balance channels where necessary.