Neil Young with Booker T. and the MGs
9. Schuettorf Open Air
Saturday June, 26th 1993

Master - Audience recording from my old Maxell XL II C-90 Tapes

Really really great artwork is included !! including Disco-Quiz!!!!!!!!!!

This concert I taped with my Sony WM D 6 professional
and an extra microphone (I can't remember what microphone it was).

I taped this concert from the middle of the audience a bit on the right side of the speakers about 12 meters from the stage.

The sound quality is excellent -, much better than I expected it for an open air-festival. Not too much audience-speaking.

For me this was a rush in - and rush home - concert.
I got a free concert for this festival and I only wanted to go over to see Neil playing.
Just drinking coffee at home a friend of mine called me on the phone saying that Neil was doing his
gig very early on the afternoon. AAAAAARGH!! PANIC!!
..and then: I took my ticket, took my equipment, jumped straight into the car and
went over to that little village in the Muensterland, parked my car, rushed onto the open air-field, boxed every people away
until I reached a nice place to see and tape. Then set up my equipment and 2 minutes later Neil and Booker and Astrid and Steve
and "Duck" and Annie and Jim took the stage.
14 songs later I packed up my things, went back to my car and drove slowly and happy back home.
O.k., my coffee was cold up there.

This was my fifth Neil show I ever saw and I do not have much memories of that show.
I really would have loved to seem him a few days later at Cologne, but then I was in holidays.
( Neil always came over when I was in holidays!! those years!!). The Cologne - gig must have been fantastic.
This show here is - of course - fantastic, but it also just a solid one.

..and now, having seen him several times, this concerts ranks about No. 16 from my nowadays 20 - Neil - shows
I've been to.

Here's the setlist:

mr. soul
the loner
southern man
like a hurricane
love to burn
seperate ways
only love can break your heart
harvest moon
live to ride

down by the river
(sittin' on) the dock of the bay
all along the watchtower

Feel free to create a better sound.
Feel free to create a better cover, but this seems to be impossible!! o.k., perhaps a better label!!

..and for every question you have the right answer on the disco-quiz you get 1 point (1 Punkt).
..and for anybody with more than 10 right answers:
you have a free wish what concert I will seed in the next two weeks:

The Pogues Essen, Grugahalle 1988
Neil Young and the Trans Band Wiesbaden, Rheinwiesen 1982
The Pretenders Offenbach, Stadthalle 1987

..all are Master-tapes.
The best candidate will be the winner. ..or the Master-tape that you mostly ask for.

seed it wherever you like.
Do not sell. For trading only. ..and - of course - this is for fun!