Neil Young - Tonight's The Night Live compilation

Here's something I compiled as a fun way to revisit an old classic. The sound quality varies from fairly good (e.g. "Tired Eyes") to Excellent (e.g. "Mellow My Mind")...

01. Tonight's The Night
02. Speakin' Out
03. World On A String
04. Borrowed Tune
05. Come On Baby, Let's Go Downtown
06. Mellow My Mind
07. Roll Another Number (For The Road)
08. Albuquerque
09. New Mama
10. Lookout Joe
11. Tired Eyes
12. Tonight's The Night
Bonus/Alternate tracks:
13. World On A String
14. Borrowed Tune
15. Roll Another Number (For The Road)
16. New Mama

Venue/Date Info:
01. Queen's College, New York, NY: 15-Nov-1973 (Early)
02. Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA: 22-Sep-1992
03. Queen's College, New York, NY: 15-Nov-1973 (Early)
04. Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario: 15-Jan-1973
05. Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH: 25-Feb-1970
06. Aichken Taiikukan, Nagoya, Japan: 3-Mar-1976
07. Bottom Line, New York, NY: 16-May-1974
08. Aerial Theatre, Houston, TX: 1-June-1999
09. Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario: 15-Jan-1973
10. Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario: 15-Jan-1973
11. Queen's College, New York, NY: 15-Nov-1973 (Early)
12. Nat'l Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK: 2-June-1987
13. Music Hall, Cleveland, OH: 18-May-1992
14. Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY: 14-Jan-1973
15. Queen's College, New York, NY: 15-Nov-1973 (Early)
16. Queen's College, New York, NY: 15-Nov-1973 (Early)

Line-up Info:
01, 03, 11, 15 & 16 with Santa Monica Flyers
02, 04, 06-08, 13 & 14 Solo
05 & 12 with Crazy Horse
09 & 10 with Stray Gators

Notes on track selection:
Obviously, there are hundreds of versions of the title track. I opened with the best sounding Santa Monica Flyers version I had (I like Neil mentioning the "new album Tonight's The Night" as if it were coming right out, but of course it was instead shelved for 2 years. Plus, this really has "the spook" of the album, IMHO). I closed the album sequence with a great sounding Horse version, with pounding drums, and Neil playing a stinging guitar.
I didn't have a good "Speakin' Out" from '73, so I went with a '92 solo version. I used an electric "World On A String" from '73, but also included a nice solo-acoustic version from '92 as an alternate track (Interesting side note: The last time Neil played this song in '73 was at the Music Hall in Cleveland. He then waited 19 years to play it again live. And, when he did, it was also at the Music Hall in Cleveland--included here).
Both versions of "Borrowed Tune" are from 1973 (consecutive dates, actually). Pick your favorite. They both sound decent, but not really great. Neil's only played the song 9 times live, all in January 1973. These are the only two I could find.
The whole point of Neil including COBLGD on the LP was to honor Danny Whitten. So, it wouldn't make much sense to include a non-Whitten version. I prefer the Fillmore versions, but feared a ban. This Cincinnati version is still a nice enough soundboard.
This is the best sounding "Mellow My Mind" I could locate, and it's DAMN good. I put in the Bottom Line solo version of RAN(FTR), as I always use that show whenever I can--one of my all-time favorite boots! But, there's a SMFlyers version included as an alternate, too. Didn't have a worthy '73 "Albuquerque" so I went with a nice '99 version. I went with Stray Gators on "New Mama" and "Lookout Joe"--I think they're pretty hot (There's also an SMFlyers version of "New Mama" as an alternate). As for "Tired Eyes", well, it was only played in '73, and this is the best I've got. It's "good" at best, but shouldn't detract much from the overall listening.


All of the above were sourced from CDRs that I acquired by trade.
Various CDRs > EAC > wav > FLAC


PS - As with all things Neil Young-related, MANY MANY thanks to "Sugar Mountain" Tom ( and the Tour Stats of Matthias Butterweck (!!!