This is a show requested, wich I have transfered in 2008 not with my actual equipment and saved on Hard disc,
(as a full file without tracks splitted, at 16 bit 48 Khz)
Don't remember if this show was uploaded from other guys,
Anyway here my version from a DAT copy of the Analog Master

Art covers enclosed by AV


Neil Young with "Grey Riders"

Pier 84, New York City, New York
September 10th, 1985

01 Country Home
02 Comes A Time
03 Looking For A Love
04 Heart Of Gold
05 This Old House
06 Southern Pacific
07 Interstate
08 Sugar Mountain
09 Helpless
10 California Sunset
11 Nothing Is Perfect
12 Field Of Opportunity
13 Down By The River
14 Old Man
15 Powderfinger
16 Get Back To The Country
17 Grey Riders

Total Time = 01:45:25

Lineage = Analog Master>DAT

Transfered by AV

Transfer in 2008 : DAT SONY>OPTICAL CABLE>EXTIGY (External Soundcard)>USB2>PC>GOLDWAVE (16 bit 48 Khz) Full File (No editing)>FLAC (with FLAC FRONTED>Saved on External Hard disc.

31/08/2010 = Decoded in WAVE (with FLAC FRONTED)>GOLDWAVE (Tracks split and 16 bit 44.1 Khz resampled for CD compatible)>Encoded in FLAC (Level 6)
+ Md5 & Fingerprint