New York Dolls
August 3, 1973
Felt Forum, New York

-Audience recording transferred from a Maxell XL II high bias cassette. Fairly rough sounding recording. If you are a die hard Dolls fan though and you don't already have this, you'll want it to complete the collection. I believe Mott The Hoople was headlining this show and I think there is a tape of their set in circulation also. That's Todd Rundgren introducing the band at the start.

1. Rundgren introduction > Courageous Cat
2. Personality Crisis
3. Looking For A Kiss
4. Bad Girl
5. Great Big Kiss
6. Vietnamese Baby
7. Babylon
8. Pills
9. Trash (cuts off)

Update: Yes this was a show in support of Mott the Hoople. If you've ever seen the picture of Todd Rudgren in a gold lame' suit sitting on Johansen's lap (Dvae was wearing a white tux with matching top hat), that was from this night.