Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets
Forum Black Box, Copenhagen, Denmark
September - 03 - 2018

Contrast clause: this is a matrix made of 2 different recordings of which one has been upped to dime here:

The other source is from an upload to Yeeshkul:

Info of the single versions:

Version 1
recorded by tolvis
Lineage: Zoom H2
uploaded as flac files 44,1 / 16 -> transfer to wav-files

Version 2
uploaded to Yeeshkul by pfloyd65
Lineage: ZoomH1
uploaded as one single flac file 44,1 / 16 -> transferred to wav file

Processing of matrix:
wav files of 2 versions -> Samplitude 11 Silver -> arrangement of matrix -> edit/remaster -> transfer to flac -> dime
I had to adjust the speed between the versions minimally. Some minor EQ was made and sound level adjusted. Some audience noise of version 1 levelled down (also within songs).

I find that this show is even better than the previous ones from smaller clubs in London and the sound comes close to a sbd. Many thanks go to the tapers and uploaders for recording and uploading. Unfortunately I cannot attend any of the forthcoming shows.

Here is the original text from tolvis:


Last night was a dream come true for me, or not even a dream. I had never dreamt of
experiencing these early Floydsongs live by any member. Nick Mason gave me a show I
will never forget. Sure, he's a bit rusty and there are missed cues, but I so prefer
this to Roger Waters tightly rehearsed and arranged stadiumshows. This band makes the
music breathe, gives every song life. The difference between Masons and Rogers
"One of these days" is staggering.

To get to hear so many of Syd Barrett's songs was mindnumbing. Nick even felt it was
time to play Vegetable man for christs sake! Incredible.

The sound turned out excellent, I hope everyone will enjoy this as I did and do. It's
one of those boots I will actually listen to, a rare occurence nowadays. Again I never
in a million years dreamt I would get to hear these songs. Just looking at the setlist
brings a huge smile to my face again. And again. And again.

01 Intro: Sound effects
02 Interstellar overdrive
03 Astronomy domine
04 Lucifer Sam
05 Fearless
06 Obscured by clouds
07 When you�re in
08 Arnold Layne
09 Vegetable man
10 If (first half)
11 Atom heart mother / If (reprise)
12 The nile song
13 Green is the colour
14 Let there be more light
15 Set the controls for the heart of the sun
16 See Emily play
17 Bike
18 One of these days
19 A saucerful of secrets (second half)
20 Point me at the sky



There is also a video of the show on Youtube here:
and I think the audio from the second source has been used for this while See Emily Play is missing on the vid.

the band:

Nick Mason - Drums
Guy Pratt - Bass and vocals
Gary Kemp - Guitar and vocals
Dom Beken - Keyboards
Lee Harris - Guitar

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Uploaded to DIME by Stacheleber 2018/09/06

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