Niel Gow Scottish Fiddle Awards - Blair Castle Scotland 2017-03-26, recorded for BBC Radio Scotland "Take the Floor", BBC live 366kbps (overall) 48kHz stream

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The first Niel Gow Fiddle Awards will take place at Blair Castle on Sunday 26th March 2017, from 10am. Both the Junior and Open events are open to the public and each will feature 8 finalists, selected by a 'blind' panel.

We guarantee a fantastic day's entertainment! Both morning and afternoon audiences will be treated to the finest Scottish fiddling around, whilst performers and enthusiasts alike will expand their knowledge and appreciation of Scotland's diverse and exciting fiddling tradition.

Finalists each performed the following, including a tribute to the Gow fiddling family:

Junior ( Age 15 > )

10am - 12pm

1. Slow Air, March, Strathspey and Reel.


2pm - 5pm (including interval)

1. Slow Air, March, Strathspey and Reel.
2. Slow Strathspey, Hornpipe and Jig.
3. Own Choice.

Born in Strathbraan and growing up in Inver, Dunkeld, Niel Gow is regarded as the father of Scottish traditional fiddle music, both for his playing style and also for the many beautiful pieces he and his family composed, which are played around the world to this day. His Patrons were principally the Dukes of Atholl, for whom he played many times and with whom he retained a strong connection throughout his life. In the magnificent ballroom of the castle there hangs the world renowned portrait of Gow by Henry Raeburn, while in a glass case is his preserved fiddle, which from time to time is taken out and played on special occasions. So no wonder then, that the new Governing body of the competition insisted on Blair Castle and its environs as the perfect place to celebrate the music of this wonderful man, small in stature, but a true musical giant.

The first Niel Gow Scottish Fiddle Awards will take place on Sunday 26th March at Blair Castle from 10am. We look forward to your support, and we pledge to bring you a day of fiddle playing that you will cherish in your memory.

Broadcast on BC Radio Scotland "Take the Floor" 2017-04-01 and 2017-04-08

CD 1 - Junior, broadcast 2017-04-01
01 intro
02 Rosie Winchester
a) Miss Graham of Inchbrakie [Nathaniel Gow]
b) Donald MacLean�s Farewell to Oban [Archibald MacNeill]
03 talk
04 Cassie Findlay
a) Niel Gow�s Lament for the Death of his Second Wife [Niel Gow]
b) The Cameron Highlanders [JS Skinner]
05 talk
06 Colin McGlynn
a) Balmoral Castle [JS Skinner]
07 talk
08 Kirsty Grant
a) Caledonia�s Wail for Niel Gow [Simon Fraser]
09 talk
10 Lachlan Kennedy
a) Mrs John MacColl [John MacColl]
11 talk
12 Rhian Matthew
a) The 74th�s Farewell to Edinburgh [William MacKinnon]
b) Lady Madelina Sinclair [William Marshall]
c) The Mains of Gartly [ JS Skinner]
13 talk
14 Charlotte Slater
a) Hector The Hero [JS Skinner]
b) The Queen�s Welcome to Invercauld [JS Skinner]

15 talk
16 Tabitha Beavitt
a) Balmoral Castle [JS Skinner]
b) Miss Lyall [Trad]
c) Nathaniel�s Spaniel [Tabitha Beavitt]
17 talk - results
18 Lachlan Kennedy - winner's performance
19 outro

CD 2 - Senior, broadcast 2017-04-08
01 intro
02 George Davidson
a) Coilsfield House [Nathaniel Gow]
b) Miss Laura Andrew [JS Skinner]
03 talk
04 Charlie Grey
a) The Fiddle Tree [Charlie Grey]
b) NielGow�s Style [Simon Fraser]
c) Turbo Shandy [Ross Martin]
05 talk
06 Roo Geddes
a) Cali�s Wedding [Hanneke Cassell]
b) The Mathematician [JS Skinner]
07 talk
08 Sean Heely
a) Domhnall Dubh [Trad]
b) Captain Campbell [Trad]
c) Seallaibh Curaigh Eoghainn [Trad]
09 talk
10 Claire Gullan
a) The Dean Brig o�Edinburgh [Archie Allan]
b) The Newcastle Hornpipe [James Hill]
c) The Sailor�s Wife [Niel Gow]
11 talk
12 Robbie Greig
a) A Mhairi Bhoidheach [Trad]
b) The Duke of Roxburgh�s Farewell to the Blackmount Forest [Angus McKay]
13 talk
14 Graham Mackenzie
a) Seoras Beag [Donald Riddell]
b) The New 19th [Ian Hardie]
15 talk
16 Shona MacFadyen
a) Trip to Shanghai [Alistair McCulloch]
b) Cooper�s Rant [Steven Spence]
17 talk - results
18 Robbie Greig - winner's performance
a) Picnic in the Sky [Matheu Watson]