North Mississippi Allstars
The Sheridan Opera House
Telluride, CO

Schoeps MK41(dina)>KC5>CMC6>Oade M118>Marantz PMD 661 @ 24/48
Balcony DFC-cables run to Seat 9 in Row K
Processing- SDHC Card>PC>Cool Edit Pro>CD Editor (tracking)TLH (FLAC 8)
Recorded and Processed by richard skaggs

01- Shimmy>Station Blues
02- Po Black Maddie>
03- Skinny Woman
04- Meet Me in the City
05- KC Jones Blues*
06- Back to Mississippi
07- Lord Have Mercy
08- Mean Ol' Wind Died Down
09- Psychedelic Sex Machine
10- Goin' Down South>
11- Shake What Your Mama Gave You
12- Let Me In
13- Prayer for Peace
14- Tina Nina Nu
15- Circle in the Sky
16- Ship
17- Deep Elem Blues
18- You Got to Move>Iko Iko>You Got to Move>
19- Down By the Riverside>
20- Shake Em on Down
21- ML
22- Tomorrow Never Knows
23- All Night Long
24- Rollin' and Tumblin'
25- Ho Down

*Deadicated to Scott Spencer: A Mighty Man, but he's dead and gone.
The mountains took you back. I cannot beleive I will never turn around and see you in line, or inside. RIP brother.