"We Are One"
The Barack Obama Inaugural Celebration
at the Lincoln Memorial
Various artists
Washington DC, USA
January 18, 2009
incomplete concert; music only
KCRW-FM Santa Monica, California live broadcast
recording, transfer and 2009 seed by Nibbler

January 2017 reseed by zootype:
Some retracking with repairs and fades added.

Performers [partial list]:
Bruce Springsteen
Garth Brooks
Stevie Wonder
Will I Am
Sheryl Crow
Herbie Hancock
Pete Seeger
Pat Seeger
Ren�e Fleming
Mary J. Blige
US Naval Academy Glee Club
Master Sgt. Caleb Green, US Army
US Army Herald Trumpets

49:56 minutes


01 intro 0:36
02 Fanfare For The Common Man [Aaron Copland] - US Army Herald Trumpets 1:52
03 The Star Spangled Banner [traditional]
- Master Sgt. Caleb Green, US Army 2:08 [vocal mic cuts in late]
04 The Rising [Bruce Springsteen] - Bruce Springsteen 5:09
05 Lean On Me [Bill Withers] - Mary J. Blige 3:09
06 One Love [Bob Marley] - Will I Am with Sheryl Crow and Herbie Hancock 3:56
07 You'll Never Walk Alone {Rogers and Hammerstein]
- Ren�e Fleming with the US Naval Academy Glee Club 3:38
08 American Pie [Don McLean] > Shout [Isley Brothers]>
We Shall Be Free [Stephanie Davis, Garth Brooks] - Garth Brooks 7:17
09 Higher Ground [Stevie Wonder] - Stevie Wonder and Usher 4:42
10 Pride (in The Name Of Love) > City of Blinding Lights [U2] - U2 9:04
11 This Land Is Your Land [Woody Guthrie]
- Pete Seeger with Pat Seeger and Bruce Springsteen 4:37
12 America The Beautiful [Kathy Lee Bates and Samuel A. Ward ]
- Beyonce with Ensemble Cast Of Many 2:59
13 outro 0:39

taper's original notes:
original track 06:
*06.Change Is Gonna Come (Bettye LaVette - Jon Bon Jovi) REMOVED
To comply with Dime's Ban List
Heads Up!
NPR had technical problems after "Change Is Gonna Come", And as a result
many of the acts didn't make the radio broadcast.
No fades were added to this, though you may want to!
This ends up being a collection of songs rather than a cohesive concert set..
Due to Dimes strict rules regarding spoken word, much of the conversation and speeches
had to be edited out..
This loses something without the speeches..
But the songs are far better than nothing, right?
Tracks 01. Thru 05. & 08 thru 14.
Lineage: FM > Onkyo HT-R520 > Analog Out > HHB-CDR 800 >
CDR.WAV > TSSTcorpCDDVDW SH-S202N > EAC > CD WAVE Tracking > Flac.8)->
Tracks 06.thru 07.
Lineage: FM > Harman Kardon AVR30 > Analog Out > Sony RCD W500C >
CDR.WAV > TSSTcorpCDDVDW SH-S202N > EAC > CD WAVETracking > Flac.8)->

Some retracking with repairs [clicks, static etc] and fades added,
no EQ or other processing applied;
new FLAC-8 files and checksum files created
and this info file revised;
original info file included.

Thanks again to Nibbler for this recording.

a zootype reseed January 2017