Oeresund Space Invaders Collective
Burg Herzberg Festival 2014
Breitenbach, Hessen, Germany
August - 01 - 2014 (afternoon)


Rec. Info:
Zoom H4 with internal mics on tripot(@ WAV 16/44) -> MemoryCard -> HD -> MemoryStick (received via snail mail) -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME ->
Recorded by dear Harrie close to the stage edge. Very fine recording with just a bit of chatters, all instruments are clear in the mix, just boosted a bit of volume and balanced the
channels for this great show. Just a few wind noises are audible, too. Unfortunately no pics...

Another great jam captured at the "unofficial" 4th stage at lovely muddy Burg Herzberg Festival 2014. The main core of this jamming band was comprised by members of OERESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE
with members of SPACE INVADERS just a few hours before the latter took the "Mental Stage" for their show. Enjoy the ride! SB.

FULL SHOW (73:25 min.)

01. Welcome by Dr. Space -> Jam # 1 (25:52) #
02. Jam # 2 (19:12)
03. Jam # 3 (18:39)
04. Jam # 4 (09:40) *

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LINEUP (as far as I could figure out)

Scott "Dr.Space" Heller - synths, M.O.C.
Jocke - bass
Mogens Pedersen - synths
Niklas Soerensen - guitar
Mats - guitar #
Mike Haefliger - guitar
Dirk - drums
Simon - drums *

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