Sloss Furnace
Birmingham, AL

Disc 1
1. Risen
2. Hey Girl
3. One Shot
4. So Moved On
5. Something Coming Over
6. Missing Pieces
7. Heard the World
8. Whose Chariot
9. King of the Thing
10. Living in the End

Disc 2
1. Lay Down
2. Love and Memories
3. Acoustic
4. 52-50
5. Crowd
6. Black Rock
7. Poker

Notes: SBD / Aud Mix. Thanks to OAR for the board feed. Minor level adjustment at the beginning of track 1. Augustana also taped.

Source: SBD > R4-Pro w/ BusmanT-Mod + JW Mod AKG460/ck63 > Neve Portico 5012 (Silk) > R4-Pro w/ Busman T-Mod

Location: FOB, ~4" right of center, ~40" from stage at 10"

Wavelab 5: Mixing and rendering of 2 sources. AKG source at +2dB, SBD source at -1.5dB
SoundForge 8.0: 24bit/48kHz > 16bit/44.1kHz
Resampled to 44.1kHz w/ Anti Alias, Interpol accuracy 4
Dither to 16bit: Triangular w/ Noise Shaping: Equal Loudness Contour
Traders Little Helper: FLAC Conversions (Level 6)

Go see OAR and buy their sh&t!

Taped, transfered and seeded by Jeff Hatcher (habit1973 at gmail dot com)

cd86214b24f756798a44706eec29b372 *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d01t01.flac
13159717510e03fda87ac23a96d7b2fd *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d01t02.flac
77234d1d967a77097b1a51289bbd80ba *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d01t03.flac
cbaa99910d5de2fb9fc33747b0779db0 *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d01t04.flac
9b099e333b140cef15d32eeb2b92cf90 *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d01t05.flac
fcb1ec27a38aaeb98332a8cb346173d9 *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d01t06.flac
9d74cbecd0bd47e10ab1955a823e456f *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d01t07.flac
6012d1e636474210f4deaa94867eb14a *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d01t08.flac
e848681a9ffe94acc5753b2b349da046 *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d01t09.flac
cbc6a30b889d93faa69e6c0e320d0671 *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d01t10.flac
5d98f71a3815c7f03cdde5c2dbf79138 *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d02t01.flac
aa289a6fdd8ad2dea00e625b766b7424 *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d02t02.flac
78c9241869d287c0f58af6b943c60c24 *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d02t03.flac
90d090cafc34ea10b7467a1a035b0fbd *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d02t04.flac
7c4a918947355d4e73cb62fcc4698766 *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d02t05.flac
e51644322a169a9ada420489bdc846e4 *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d02t06.flac
65cc4059e2c31cc8d89cccef5f3334cc *OAR_2007-07-18_Mix_JHatcher_d02t07.flac