Oklahoma Roots Revue
Leiden, Netherlands

15th September 2016

2xDPA4061-> MPS6020-> Sony PCM-M10 [24bit/48kHz]
Recording, editing, dithering to 16bit/44.1kHz scdegraaf

Welcome to the New Tulsa Sound.
Oklahoma is the new spot for roots music. Since Woody Guthrie the state has brought many artists.
The only name of ORR I knew was Jesse Aycock, he plays in super group Hard Working Americans.
Of course after the show I asked him if there's be any change of HWA coming to Europe. As I thought
they'd like to, but no opportunity as these guys all have their own bands and the little time they
have to play together is used is sold out large venues in the US.

As also all members of ORR have their own career and records we were fortunate they could make time
for this tour. What makes ORR attractive is the fact that it has 3 singers with distinctive voices.
Moreover Paddy and Aaron play with John Fullbright, Peter Millsap and John Moreland.

Beau Roberson- vocals (*), acoustic guitar
Jesse Aycock- vocals (&), lap steel, electric guitar
Paul Benjaman- vocals (#), electric guitar
Paddy Ryan- drums
Aaron Boehler- bass

Setlist [01:26:45]
1. My Heart Is Mine *
2. Bad Bad Man *
3. Talk
4. Oh So Blue *
5. John Prine Tune *
6. *
7. Can't Let Go *
8. Talk
9. House Of Love &
10. Leave Again &
11. Band intros
12. Out To Space &
13. Without You &
14. Burned Out &
15. Sneaker #
16. Estoy Loco #
17. Ball And Chain #
18. I Got Some Devil #
19. If You're Ever In Oklahoma # <J.J. Cale>
20. Crowd/talk
21. They Call Me The Breeze # <J.J. Cale>

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