Okta Logue
Burg Herzberg Open Air Festival, Breitenbach, Germany
(Audience Recording)


Soundman OKM I > ZOOM H1 (16/44) > PC(via USB) > Wavelab (EQ, edit, tracking) > TLH(flac8)

recording position: my favourite spot - about 10 meters in front of the soundboard, little left to the center



01. transit 8.46
02. let go 2.46
03. shine like gold 6.17
04. ?... (brandnew one) 4.45
05. mr.busdriver 3.18 *
06. dream on 5.46 **
07. ?... (very very new) 13.18
08. bright lights 4.08
09. just to hear you sleep 2.56
10. you 7.43
11. southern man (Neil Young-cover) 4.04 *
12. chase the day 5.19

13. - (crowd - "zugabe") 1.01

14. decay 18.52

Time: 90 min


Benno Herz (bg, voc, acc-g)
Philip Meloi (g)
Nicolai Hildebrandt (keys)
Robert Herz (dr)

* + Benedikt Baum, Eva-Maria Baum, Eva M´┐Żller, Sascha Beck (= BEES VILLAGE) (choir vocals)
** + Benedikt or Sascha (bg)


This is a festival-audience-recording !
So, there is -of course- the classical, inevitable audience chatter during the whole concert,
but except one annoying/stupid one -trying to tell me a better place to film - just one time in 07- it is all quite distant.
(This was the opening concert of the Friday (13.30) - and there weren't too many people yet awake/active)
and ... there are one or two coughs (also in 07 - by me - I still was sick during the whole festival)

The sound of this recording is quite excellent - except a very little panning here and there (that's the thing with in-ear-mikes).
I only did the usual EQ-enhancement, raising the upper frequencies (a lot) and a bit on the low (for the bassdrum)

The bassdrum is slightly "clipping" from time to time, but that came already from the PA.

Sorry, no cover-artwork included

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uploaded to DIME by rackhir February 2015