The Old 97's
Armstrong Hall, Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO

Source: Core Sound LC Binaurals w/ Low Sensitivity > iRiver H120 (Rockboxed)
Transfer: H120 > USB > CD Wave (splitting) > Trader's Little Helper v.2.4.1 > .flac, .ffp, .torrent
Location: Row G Seat 112

Recorded & Seeded by brianblank
"It's only a memory if you don't record it"

Spread the music, but please do not distribute MP3 or other lossy formats
Support the band by buying officially released music and seeing them on tour
Please do not profit from this recording in any way

01. The Fool
02. The Other Shoe
03. Won't Be Home *
04. [technical problems *]
05. W. TX Teardrops
06. Adelaide
07. My Two Feet
08. Rollerskate Skinny
09. Doreen
10. Color Of A Lonely Heart Is Blue
11. Question
12. I Need To Know Where I Stand @
13. Barrier Reef
14. The New Kid
15. Mama Tried #
16. King Of All Of The World
17. The Easy Way
18. [encore break]
19. Curtain Calls
20. Designs On You
21. Dance With Me
22. Timebomb

* PA stacks lost power about 1.5 minutes into track 3, stage amps and the house sound are the only thing that can be heard.
@ Rhett Miller solo song
# Merle Haggard cover