Old Blind Dogs & Andy Irvine

McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, Ca
11th November 1994

Andy Irvine

1. Lintheads
2. My Heart's Tonight in Ireland
3. The Man Who Shot the Dog
4. Chetvorno Horo
5. He Fades Away
6. Forgotten Hero > Never Tire of the Road

43 mins

Old Blind Dogs

1. Mormond Braes / Charles Sutherland
2. The Broken Pledge / Claggy's Dilemma / Hamilton's Jig
3. The Twa Corbies
4. Wuliie's Aul' Trews / The Auld Reel 1 / The Auld Reel 2
5. Jean o' Bethelnie (Glenlogie)
6. The Buzzard
7. Bedlam Boys / The Rights of Man
8. Lay Ye Doon Love
9. The Barnyards of Dalgety
10. J&B Reel / The Bonawe Highlanders
11. When a Man's in Love
12. The Cruel Sister
13. Miss Shepherd / Sandy Grant / The Hurricane
14. The Pills of White Mercury
15. Linden Rise
16. Bennachie

77 mins

Precise lineage unknown; I was sent the master cassettes to transfer and edit.

Masters > Yamaha KX-330 > ADC > DIO2496 > Soundforge (edits)

Notes: First, the concept of Andy Irvine opening for anyone is quite alien to me, even if it is the Dogs. It was definitely billed as such. In 1990 he played a double bill there with Capercaillie.

From Gumbo......


OLD BLIND DOGS - Linden Rise [CLOSE TO THE BONE/Lochshore] Wild
Johnny Cunningham tune, from the Dogs' second. They'll be at McCabe's
with Andy Irvine on November 11.

Now the complicated bit. In the box of tapes I received, there were two Old Blind Dogs gigs marked "McCabe's 11/11/94". One was a normal, 2-set concert. This is the other one. They are definitely not the same show, but it is POSSIBLE they played two shows in one day at the venue. The setlists are similar and from the same era. Around this time they toured the US more than once a year, so lacking better information I've always dated the other one as xx1994.

The Andy set is an audience recording, whereas the OBD is a soundboard. There is a short outro which confirms the date as 11/11/94. At first you think it is radio announcers, but I think it is actually the tapers who have recorded their own words at a later date. The sound of this spoken bit has a slight hollow quality you wouldn't get in a studio.