OLE LUKKOYE 2000-07-15 Burg Herzberg Open Air, Germany (AUD)

OK, here's one more: An absolutely rare recording of this cool band from St. Petersburg (Russia) that totally blew my mind.
Sadly only few of their shows are in circulation.
This is my fresh transfer from the original DAT. This ia almost complete (115 min).
Maybe a few seconds of the very beginning are missing (they started out of a sudden, you never know "is it still the soundcheck - is it already part of the concert?").
How to describe the undescribable? Trance-psychedelic-ethno-fusion-world-jam?
Well, you gotta judge for yourself!

Label: none
Sound quality: AUD (DAT) > audacity > you

Not commercially released by the band.

Sorry, no tracklist, no artwork, no nothing.

Support the artist, go to their concerts and buy the official releases!

Have fun! And NO MP3, please (unless you don't believe in reincarnation)!

Previous uploads in extra file.