The Button Factory
Dublin, Ireland
2012-09-27, 27th September 2012


Source: Edirol R-09 inbuilt mics @ 96khz/24bit (Low cut off, Low gain setting > FLAC 44khz/16bit
Location: Standing to right of stage, midway betwen soundboard and stage

Total Running time: 1hr 1min [280mb]

01 [09:13]
02 [08:19]
03 [09:14]
04 [08:53]
05 [12:17]
06 [13:28]



Solid sounding show from the OM guys, not as loud as the last time I saw them but that might be down to the venues sound engineer. The new keyboardist/guitarist is a great addition. Om were scheduled to play an hour and a half but due to problems between them and the other band, Dead Skeletons, they ended up playing just an hour. This recording is also available in 96/24 but since its just recorded with the R09's internal mics I'll probably just distribute the 16/44 edition.

As always, this is best listened to on headphones and try not to disseminate in MP3 but I can't stop you if you do.

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