Audience recording 16bit

Recording info: Church Audio CA11v2 Cardoids -> CA9100 Pre-amp -> Edirol R05

Transfer info: Audition (fades->24/48->16/44) -> CDWave (track splitting) -> TLH (flac level 8)

Taped and transferred by jamroom - JAM234

01 [09:49] Sinai
02 [08:15] Meditation Is The Practice Of Death
03 [04:03] Cremation Ghat I
04 [05:47] Cremation Ghat II
05 [07:08] State Of Non-Return
06 [02:38] tuning
07 [09:29] Gebel Barkal
08 [02:15] tuning
09 [14:30] Bhima's Theme

Total [63:55]

Band members:

Al Cisneros - Bass, Vocals
Emil Amos - Drums
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens) - Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals, tambourine

Gig Notes:

Local support from Konx-om-Pax (not recorded).

Been looking forward to seeing Al and Emil for a while now - superb work from both of them and also onstage was Robert, who is possibly better know as Lichens and added his voice and occasional guitar and keyboards to the mix. Though the set was a short 60-odd minutes, it was a great show. Same setlist as the rest of the tour.

The place was not sold out, but must have been close to it and looked pretty busy all the same and the crowd gave the band a good response. Al announced that they would be back next year and were already tour booking dates. Looking forward to that one then.

Recording notes and sound quality:

Recorded about 10 feet back, DFC. I didn't think any form of eq was required and no volume boost was needed either, so this is the raw file. Some chat, but not as bad as I was expecting. The crowd were especially respectful for most of Bhima's Theme.

I have tracked the two longer breaks between songs separately. One of them involved Al calling the sound man up to the stage for some technical problem.

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