February 9, 2013
Doug Fir Lounge
Portland, Oregon, USA

Tascam DR-100 (w/internal mics) -> SanDisk 32GB SD Card @ 24bit/48kHz

SanDisk 32GB SD Card -> Adobe Audition 3.0 -> CD Wave 1.95.1 -> Trader's Little Helper 2.0.1

WAV(M) [24bit/48kHz] -> FLAC [Level 8]

[10:31] Sinai
[08:16] Meditation is the Practice of Death
[04:32] Cremation Ghat I
[05:34] Cremation Ghat II
[09:12] State of Non-Return
[12:03] Gebel Barkal
[18:47] Bhima's Theme

[68:58] total

Al Cisneros - Vocals, Bass Guitar
Emil Amos - Drums
Lichens (Robert) - Vocals, Tambourine, Guitar, Keyboards

Taped from far stage left in front of venue stacks, mics facing Lichens' back, about
8ft from stage itself. The show was sold out, and the floor was packed with people.
I arrived early and had a booth near the stage, it was great place for recording.

The sound in the place was really very nice--started out basically loud and with a
slight bass rumble, and then progressively increased quite a lot during Gebel Barkal.
I wasn't paying attention to the recording levels near the end of it, since the
whole set had been well within acceptable volume range, and there was some brief
clipping during Robert's keyboard piece at the end of GB!

Some drunks wandered directly in front of me sometime during Non-Return and loudly
chattered about absolutely nothing non-stop until the first few minutes of Bhima's
Theme. I nearly made a messy human sacrifice out of them, but I suspected that there
might be laws against such a thing and kept my peace instead. I was reminded of Bill
Hicks' famous rant, and contented myself with the thought alone. The nice couple
standing next to me wanted to dismember them also. They finally shut up as Bhima's
Theme took off. Mercifully, I don't notice them as much listening to the recording..

This is very nearly the raw file. No EQ or such was done, and only slight volume
adjustments were made to balance out the sound.

The support act (Sir Richard Bishop) was also captured.

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