Ominous Seapods
PB Finnan's
Plattsburgh NY

Source: SBD > Cass/1 (Maxell XL-II)
Playback: JVC TD-W354 > CDWAV > Audacity 1.2.4 > CDWAV > FLAC16

Recorded By: Rich Lemire
Transfer By: Taperwayne -
Thanks to Jim Milewski for the source tapes!

Disc #1
Set 1

01. Buddhaful Bellie
02. Michael Murphy Busted
03. Railyard Scene
04. Until I Break
05. She Makes The Journey
06. Long Distance Operator
07. That's How They Got Along ^
08. The Show Tune
09. Leaving The Monopole
10. Michael Murphy 3
11. Scandal Me

Disc #2
Set 2

01. Day Old Swill
02. Missouri Jumper Girl
03. Guide To Roadside Ecology
04. Cary Suite
05. Swamp Foot
06. Hey Donnie Osmond
07. Sneakin Sally Thru The Alley
08. Advant Garde >
09. Bolognious
10. Pull From Adirondack Blue

Disc #3
Set 3

01. //What's The Buzz
02. First Day In Cali
03. Abraham Unlevenhead ^^
04. If I Had A Smile
05. Heaven ^^^

^ = tape rot affects quality - left as is.
^^ = with Sam Brewton
^^^ = Talking Heads cover.

Notes: Another one from the vaults. It has it's belmishes and flaws, but
overall it's a cool show. Thanks to Rich for taping, and Jim for sharing
his tapes.
There were instances of "tape-rot" throughout the recording.
They were left as is. "That's How They Got Along" is particularly affected.
I was going to cut the track, but decided in the end to leave it on and
add a disclaimer. Overall it's a great sounding SBD recording.

Tape flips:
d1t07 at 5:37
d2t03 at 3:30
d3t01 at 5:20.

Beginning of d3t01 clipped, added a fade in.


e8eed2e58176155f48f44eeffc4b8235 *OSP1992-04-24d1t01.flac
79f2938c549859d380508beb60b9ce07 *OSP1992-04-24d1t02.flac
a50991b199305e5d5208f33b95e62ab0 *OSP1992-04-24d1t03.flac
6f8c91f5cd356ecf961682cb9142e056 *OSP1992-04-24d1t04.flac
d89ef1bc1e15b56f1da8c6fbbe5f0b1c *OSP1992-04-24d1t05.flac
96775862636ad775bfa8acbb48b01037 *OSP1992-04-24d1t06.flac
f98f90987732ce47c81fa82f007c1171 *OSP1992-04-24d1t07.flac
fdc219b99fa88d4813f8eb7f81cabc7a *OSP1992-04-24d1t08.flac
5401af7807765ea61e5bd92bab0658c0 *OSP1992-04-24d1t09.flac
9b72e74c26528cccc5564736b002478d *OSP1992-04-24d1t10.flac
2e49afd9033e9af90bd6a30564a5ace2 *OSP1992-04-24d1t11.flac
6ade3f8807e7c6251a6543f6ea3bedd8 *OSP1992-04-24d2t01.flac
21b407be5ff71ca7c5ab271c65cec3da *OSP1992-04-24d2t02.flac
753cecca6cbc4f8bbef30116c66da8d9 *OSP1992-04-24d2t03.flac
8a26e95a1e8720ee88ae8b0bd465d8bd *OSP1992-04-24d2t04.flac
2f56568f45a524f3e84bdf662a066184 *OSP1992-04-24d2t05.flac
ed4425f89d0f87d354f4314dea091af2 *OSP1992-04-24d2t06.flac
9e40fa85af71d61fbbf93bbf1ae977dc *OSP1992-04-24d2t07.flac
9c4d396c3ff8ceb5da23ed45ccbbaad5 *OSP1992-04-24d2t08.flac
10c73bcd5430c1b24096c8c35c840fd2 *OSP1992-04-24d2t09.flac
443ddea8890ab3d24142719d1700f417 *OSP1992-04-24d2t10.flac
73ff55621ee655154a14b30625d28245 *OSP1992-04-24d3t01.flac
6973f5fff6adce8d9174eeffd08657e7 *OSP1992-04-24d3t02.flac
2cc748b3f3b08bacb264178921485892 *OSP1992-04-24d3t03.flac
78d3af7db148b2cc71d410f78594ca27 *OSP1992-04-24d3t04.flac
c0da747fa8ee3611b6c8f94996f911ca *OSP1992-04-24d3t05.flac