Ominous Seapods
The Wetlands
New York City NY

Source: SBD > Cass/1 > CDWAV > Audacity 1.2.4 > FLAC16
Recorded by: ??
Transfer and FLAC16 by: Taperwayne (

Disc 1

01. Gunshot Static >
02. What's The Buzz
03. Gobi Creamer
04. Josephene's Grand Motion
05. Black Friday
06. That's What You Do
07. As I Stand Here Now
08. Until I Break
09. Seymour
10. ??

Disc 2

01. Leaving The Monopole
02. Bong Hits and Porn
03. Schitzophrenic Rain

I was digging through some stuff, and stumbled upon this tape, and popped
it in for a listen, and it sounded decent.
So I checked the db.etree database, and saw that it wasn't even in there,
so it must be rare, or at least uncirculated in the digital realm, so I
decided to do a transfer and share it.
I did the best I could (at reading my own handwriting) with the setlist, if
any of it is wrong, feel free to submit corrections, if any are needed.
(I'm not great w/older Seapods material)
They played with Yolk, doing alternating sets. (I may have the Yolk around here
somewhere too, I'll keep looking.)
What we have here is the tail end of the 1st set, and all of set II.
I did the best I could with tracking.
Errors or corrections, drop an email to


1a6cc4f573530dc1b94c402e23692d88 *Seapods1995-11-22d1t01.flac
1d07a52d884f3e93cbb6725b71adb0e8 *Seapods1995-11-22d1t02.flac
36cc4d3a3145d56a009840b2fa0659fe *Seapods1995-11-22d1t03.flac
a27c4258b3e20f1c49abf523544daf92 *Seapods1995-11-22d1t04.flac
f9c300f8156bdbe7165b5a86cf89e438 *Seapods1995-11-22d1t05.flac
31fb7df8cdfef501bd6e1a20d794bfa1 *Seapods1995-11-22d1t06.flac
25166a65d3320ccbda4976343457585c *Seapods1995-11-22d1t07.flac
d4e2231099b6d6325b360c588ad6b3e9 *Seapods1995-11-22d1t08.flac
08abcde3cab722999c309a9803bdbef4 *Seapods1995-11-22d1t09.flac
ec17414fc53b00818886f0a6df7cb9be *Seapods1995-11-22d1t10.flac
530fe043bb3eb1cc51fb84c5e25b3690 *Seapods1995-11-22d2t01.flac
eba4da8e1f3107e68c4f5d4d896b7f64 *Seapods1995-11-22d2t02.flac
11d63b551f9ce9b6ba42148dc0c0b521 *Seapods1995-11-22d2t03.flac